Military Couple Married Just 4 Years Already Has the Secret to Lasting Love (VIDEO)

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military couple andie guzmanBeing a military wife is an adventure unto itself. Especially when you're a mom, too. Andie Guzman, wife to an Airman and mom of two, recently confessed to us that, "After four years of service and three years of marriage, I've learned that when one member enlists, the whole family goes for the ride." While she loves it, she admits one of her biggest concerns is seeing "special moments easily get lost in the madness." And that's one of the reasons she started vlogging -- to capture and better treasure those memories. 

Lucky for us, she recently vlogged one of the most special, sweet, and completely entertaining moments shared with her husband one night. Check it out ...


How. Incredibly. Cute. Was. That?! Ahhhh, love them! Maybe because I feel like I do that all the time in the kitchen, too. Dance and have a blast, I mean. I'm not sure my fiance will ever join in the way Andie's husband did (and he's got great moves, too!), but I know he gets a kick out of me shaking it while chopping a salad or baking chicken.

It's small and simple but lighthearted and intimate moments like this that make life and marriage so much more colorful, romantic, and fun! Not to mention that being able to enjoy one-on-one time like this is a fantastic way to handle stress and build an even better, happier, and ultimately, stronger relationship.

What moments like this do you enjoy sharing with your spouse?


Image via andieEMV/YouTube

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sand008 sand008

That is so cute

Alicia Hill

This is exactly what it looks like at my house, except minus the hubby (never makes it home in time for dinner) and insert screaming hungry toddler hanging on my leg, then take away the dancing. They are too cute though!

Barbie Peralta

Andie & Michaels Vlogs Are My FAV Vlogs 2-Watch on YouTube! They REALLY Are An AMAZING & Oh So Sweet couple! Watching them Gives Me Hope & Inspiration that My Prince Charming is out their Somewhere! & NOT -2- Mention that their Kids... Alyssa & Joshua Are COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!! They're A Beautiful Family!!! :) XOXO <3 Barbie (A.K.A barbieglam1219) <3

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