Fraternity Shocks World & Raises Money for Transgender Brother's Sex Change

LGBTSo word has it Mercury is in retrograde and everything is going all topsy turvy. And just in case you don't believe all that astrology mumbo jumbo, here's proof: a fraternity in Massachusetts is raising money so a transgender brother can have sex change surgery. I KNOW! It's pretty much the last thing I'd expect from a bunch of beer chugging college frat boys, but there it is.

Frat boys as bonehead losers is old and busted. Frat boys as effing saints is the new hotness. And yeah, it gets better (pun very much intended).


Turns out the guys in Emerson College's Phi Alpha Tau barely know Donnie Collins. The transgender sophomore JUST pledged PAT this year! According to one report, the guys in the frat have only known him for all of 10 days!

And they're already willing to topple the douche-canoe reputation of frat boys everywhere for this guy?

Awww, guys, you're going to make a girl verklempt! Pass me a hanky! Sniff. Sniff. OK, all better.

Seriously, before today, you were more likely to see words like "hazing" or "rape" tied to the word "fraternity" in the news. I'm willing to admit that neither word represents every frat boy in America, but there have been enough such unfortunate incidents that the reputation has stuck.

What the guys in Boston are doing right now is probably a lot bigger than they ever intended.

And let's face it: this isn't just something good for the reputation of frat boys everywhere. It's shining a big ol' spotlight on how tough it is to be trans in America.

Collins has been paying for hormone replacement therapy since 2011. But the price of a "top surgery," a breast reduction that is one of the next big steps in the female-to-male transition, is way beyond him. The cosmetic surgery is about $8,000, and neither his mother's health insurance nor the Emerson College plan will cover it.

Good thing the IndieGoGo campaign by the guys in PAT has already gone over $17,000. Collins can cover his top surgery AND the Jim Collins Foundation, a non-profit that helps trans folks cover their gender reassignment surgeries, is getting a nice chunk of change.

I'm calling this a win for everyone. Donnie gets his surgery and fraternities everywhere get a much needed reputation makeover.

Be honest, what's your feeling about fraternities?


Image via Guillaume Palmier/Flickr

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