Dog Shoots Owner in Leg & 3 Other Cases of Angry Pet Revenge

dog shoots ownerI thought I was having a bad day until I read about Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, of Frostproof, Florida. Suddenly, the fact that I'd stepped in dog crap on the way to work didn't seem so bad. In fact, it became a downright friendly exchange with a canine compared to Lanier's. His dog shot him. That's right, Lanier's dog shot him in the goddamn leg.

There was a loaded 9mm gun on the floor of the passenger seat in his pickup truck, and when the dog kicked it, the pistol fired and shot Lanier in the thigh. He said he heard a boom, saw smoke, and felt a burning in his leg -- all signs, evidently, that his pooch had taken revenge.

The dog as not been arrested, nor detained, nor asked to make a public apology for his careless actions. You see, guns don't hurt people, dogs do, and it's a shame there are no consequences for "man's best friend."

Believe it or not, though, this isn't the first case of a dog getting pawsy with a handgun. Just this past September, a Frenchman's dog jumped on him as if to give him hug, accidentally hit the trigger of the gun in the owner's pocket, and yada yada yada, his hand had to be amputated.

And in 2011, a dog shot his owner in the ass when the two were duck hunting. The loaded rifle went off when the pup bounced up and down on the bow of the boat, where the gun had been rested. 

Lest you think only the canines cause trouble, in 2005, a cat shot its owner in the kitchen while preparing dinner. Guess he wasn't happy with what was being served.

Lanier's walking away from the accident without any serious injuries, but if I were you, I'd keep an eye on that pet of yours. Or, you know, that gun of yours.



Photo via dutchmasterdutchie/Flickr

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Hollister DeLong

Funny at first but stupid at the end. Hunters do not use a rifle to hunt ducks. They prefer a shotgun. Your poetic license used to glean humor should be revoked.

Michi... MichiganMom602

My thought is that this was intended as a funny article, it failed.  And that you should never have a loaded weapon in a place a dog can jump on it. 

Shandi80 Shandi80

I agree with Michigan. You're asking for trouble if you keep a loaded gun where a pet can get to it. Or a child.

ethan... ethans_momma06


Seriously, like all tools- you need to care for them safely. And, accidents happen. Or perhaps, really.... pets take revenge.... ;)

CPN322 CPN322

Why was the safety not on???

Morgan Painter

Sad to hear, but........when people buy a gun the first thing they should consider is the safety features. In 1911 the US introduced a handgun that has been put on the back burner by new, more modern handguns. And yet, it will NOT go off unless it is being held in a hand. The 1911 has three safety features to prevent accidental discharge. That's right, THREE! You can throw it against a cement wall, drop from a ten story building, drive over it with a truck and it will NOT discharge. Put it in your hand, squeeze gently on the trigger and it will fire. People can brag all they wish about their modern design, high capacity handguns, but the venerable old 1911 will never harm its owner by accident.

By the way, I'm certain the guns mentioned in this article had some type of safety the owner forgot or neglected to engage. With the 1911 you don't have to remember, the safety features are automatic.

Todd Vrancic

@CPN, that's just what I want to know.

Jay Martin

Proof dogs aren't getting background checks.

Nancy McDonald Schoenrock

the cat that shot it's owner, what realy amazed me was that the cat was in the kitchen preparing dinner!!


PonyC... PonyChaser

Oh, for the love of... people, LIGHTEN UP a little!! Geez. Sometimes it's ok to confuse a rifle with a shotgun. Really. In an article like this it doesn't matter!

We hear at least one story per hunting season around here like this. Usually it's the dog who shoots the owner, and the overwhelming number of bullets end up in the hunter's backside. I think you're on to something here, Lindsay... I think these hunters need to start packing some serious bacon-wrapped liver treats for Fido, otherwise the carnage is going to continue...

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