Military Members Are Not 'Props' & The First Lady Knows That More Than Anyone (VIDEO)

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michelle obama opening envelope oscarsHere we go again! Last month, it was the eye-roll seen 'round the world. This month, First Lady Michelle Obama's offense is appearing on the Oscars Sunday night and, worst of all, appearing with military membersGasp! How horrible! What on earth was the FLOTUS thinking using members of the military as “background,” “decoration,” and even “human wallpaper,” outraged Twitter users squawked! 

Here's a wake-up call: She wasn't doing any such thing. In reality -- AKA the whole, wide world outside of the FOX News-y bubble -- Mrs. Obama happened to be multi-tasking that night, and besides presenting the award for Best Picture, she was also hosting the black tie 2013 Governors' Dinner at the White House. At which there were military members present. Who happened to be behind the First Lady. What's the big deal?

Oh, yes, they're also upset because Michelle stood in front of the camera and did not use the opportunity to thank the military. Facepalm. People -- that's NOT what this was about! It was a brief appearance on the Oscars. And the FLOTUS likely had no say in how the shot was set up!

All this whining and moaning about disrespecting the military is just another case of bored -- and, let's be honest, occasionally bigoted -- Obama bashers getting up in arms over whatever ridiculous minutiae they feel like they can latch onto. It's getting sooooo old!

The reality here is that ever since moving into the White House, Michelle Obama has been incredibly supportive of our military. The FLOTUS has worked together with Dr. Jill Biden on Joining Forces, aiming to bolster health care, employment, and educational opportunities for our service members.

That said, those nitpicking, finger-pointing at semantics, and freaking out about Michelle's 30-second appearance on our country's most respected awards show of the year aren't really worried about how the military was portrayed on the Oscars. They're just interested in finding anything they possibly can to rip our First Family. Call me crazy, but that sounds just about the opposite of patriotic.

Did you have a problem with the FLOTUS's Oscars appearance? How about the service members in the background?


Image via Politico/Brightcove

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redK8... redK8blueSt8

I kind of find it odd that she presented THE big award of the night. How'd she get that honor? And to add to that, how did she and none of the other first ladies in Oscar history?

The big deal is because it is yet again the uber left liberal Hollywood, fawning over the uber left liberal President.

nonmember avatar Marci

Red- President Obama's terms so far have been very central; the fact that you consider him so far to the left shows how far to the right you are.
Nancy Regan and one of LBJ's daughters attended the Oscars. While they didn't present, it's not much of a stretch for a politician to be at the most watched award show of the year.

nonmember avatar dm

Sorry, having been present during photo ops like this, the military members are very much props. All Administrations trot out the military, though.

nonmember avatar Thorne

What bothered me was the only people shown had very few medals and obviously haven't seen combat. If she wants to show off the troops, at least use some that have sacrificed and done more than graduate college and gained a commission through ROTC!

wamom223 wamom223

@Marci his terms have been central, are you kidding me?  The fact that you would say that shows how far left you are and how ignorant you are about what is going on in the country right now, but then the Obama's count on their supporters being dumb so they can be used as a useful idiot.  I guess you haven't heard how much her presenting offended people on the left hunh?

bills... billsfan1104

It's not just FoxNewsy bubble type people that thought it was odd that se presented.

Maressa, it's getting real old that you and the other far left bloggers insulting anyone that doesn't watch MSNBC, a news organization that continues to alter tapes, or continue to insult republican women. At least, I can be proud and say I do not bow down to the alter of Obama and his wife.

douxm... douxmusique

It was odd and it was a staged photo op. What do michelle or the military members have to do with hollywood directly? It is really quite silly.

Zenia6 Zenia6

I guess it is necessary to get upset with her about something and it was a slow news day... eh.

ToolA... ToolArmy066

Why must these stir bloggers report every little thing about the obamas?? And as usual I agree with billsfan1104.

crzymmy5 crzymmy5

...finding it hard to believe that ANYONE would just "happen to be" behind the First Lady during a photo. And here's a little "wake up call" for you "the whole, wide world outside of the FOX news-y bubble" doesn't actually agree with you on this one.


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