Convicted Pedophile Blames Recession for Making Him Hurt Kids

Twisted 9

under arrestA British businessman convicted of multiple charges of child porn creation and possession has come up with one of the oddest excuses for his misdeeds ever. Craig Seville said the recession turned him into a pedophile. Well, now I've heard everything.

I'm sure that Seville's business, a flying school, was suffering as the economy flagged. Most of us cut out unnecessary items when things get tight, and flying lessons are most definitely unnecessary. But can you really blame the economy for giving you lustful thoughts about children?

I guess it's as good an excuse as any.

No, really.

I don't think there is ANY excuse for being a pedophile that a sane person is going to accept. So why not blame the recession for the nearly 450 banned images you downloaded onto your computer and then Photoshopped? Why not blame the economy for propositioning and exposing yourself to an undercover officer who you thought was a 12-year-old girl?

It's ridiculous. I can see why people are outraged at Seville right now. His "excuse" makes him sound extremely callous.

But come on, would any other excuse be any better? Would he really be able to come up with some sort of reason for being a lecherous perv that would make us say, "Well, yeah, OK, that makes sense?" I should hope not!

The fact of the matter is, peddling in child porn is illegal and completely immoral. I don't care if someone is holding a gun to your head, you do not expose yourself to a child. You don't destroy the lives of helpless children in a box or with a fox. You do not do it, Sam I Am.

I don't really care why Craig Seville is a pedophile. I'm just glad that he's behind bars now, away from the children he's been hurting.

How about you?


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Vegeta Vegeta

Up until the exposing himself to a cop part I could piece together that he could have been starving due to the economy and selling it/photoshoping it without any personal interest in it, like just for the money. (not that that's any less immoral). But hes just a sick weirdo that should be put in a bag with a snake a dog and a monkey and thrown in a river.

nonmember avatar kaerae

What did the snake, dog and monkey do to deserve that?

Vegeta Vegeta

Nothing, that's just what they used to do in ancient Rome.

Lisa Stitzel Brown

Pedophiles are a waste of the air that they breathe, they should all be shot and save the tax payers a lot of money.  

nonmember avatar Elisa

Where I live a prominent businessman was found not guilty of charges of having sex with a 12 yo girl, creating child pornography from it and possessing thousands of child pornographic images because he has a health condition and his meds lower his inhibitions. His excuse was if he wasn't on the meds he wouldn't have committed the crimes. They can and will uses excuses for their behaviour, it's up to us not to accept it!

Karen Genosa

He's just a HUMAN SHIT, who can't face what terrible thing he's done...POS!!!!!!

Sandy Leger Dehn

he is worse than human shit, i still say there should never be probation or parole for any of them that are caught, that would stop alot of that

nonmember avatar Anthony

First off let me catagorically state that all people who harm children are due every punishment they have coming to them from our legal system or indeed at the hands of society. That being said though pedophilia is a sickness something your born with not something you choose as much can be said about homosexuality which if you remember up untill recently was also illegal. These people need help as well as punishment bare in mind the thousands of adults out there that find sexual exitement from those under 16 but know its wrong and never act upon it should those people be imprissoned for something they can neither help nor seek help out of fear of persicution.

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