Gay Marriage Support From 75 Top Republicans?! Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

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gay wedding cakeAt least 75 prominent Republicans have signed on in support of gay marriage. You read that right: Republicans gave gay marriage the thumbs up, in writing. Dozens of Republicans signed a legal document to be sent to the Supreme Court arguing that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

And why are they doing this? Were their hearts also changed by Glee? Nope. It's all about good, old-fashioned conservative values of "limited government and maximizing individual freedom." Oh yeah, and it promotes family values by allowing kids of gay couples to grow up in two-parent homes. No duh, Republicans!

This group of Republicans is speaking up now because the Supreme Court is hearing a lawsuit trying to strike down Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. California's Prop 8 was a ballot initiative that banned gay marriage in the state. The Court is also hearing challenges to the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.

Who are these gay-friendly Republicans? Oh, you know, the usual establishment types. Top advisers to former President George W. Bush, four former governors including Meg Whitman (in a total about-face), President Ronald Reagan's first budget director David A. Stockman, and even two representatives from Congress, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Richard Hanna of New York.

So this is a BFD, as Biden would say, and I'm thrilled to see leaders willing to stick their necks out and take a controversial stand. But it's not even a stretch, really, because they're absolutely right -- we don't need the government meddling in people's personal lives and telling them who they can and cannot marry. Prohibiting gay marriage in the first place was government overreach.

And hello with the family values! For the life of me, I will never understand why people would be against gays settling down, getting married, and raising children together like boring old conventional couples. They get hate for partying and having multiple sex partners, they get hate for wanting to settle down. Good grief, at least pick one, haters. That's not fair. (I'm kidding -- don't hate at all. Noh8!)

Anyway, I think this could make a big difference. We're definitely reaching a tipping point here. But I think it's also smart of these people to put themselves on the right side of history.

Are you surprised to see Republicans stand up for gay marriage, or do you think it's totally in alignment with conservative values and no big deal?


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Lynette Lynette

There are PLENTY of Republicans that are for gay marriage!  I consider myself a Republican and I am very much for it.

nonmember avatar Karen B

I'm Republican and I don't have a problem with gay people or their marriage. I do, however, have a problem with the "hell froze over" comment in your title. "Republican" doesn't automatically mean "gay hater."

BirdCo BirdCo

What surprises me is how big of a jerk you sound like. The vileness towards republicans is getting old. Not every republican is a gay bashing, gun loving nut (names often said on this site). Don't pigeon hole all of us to make your self feel better.


Gay loving, gun loving republican.

AionG... AionGladiator

Guess what? I'm for gay marriage and gay rights. I have quite a few gay/ lesbian/ bisexual friends. And I'm a Republican! There are other factors that make people consider themselves Republicans, not just gay rights.

Albond86 Albond86

Why the hell does being a republican automatically mean we hate gays and aren't prochoice with everyone!? Way to just continue false stereotypes! It's people like you who get all huffy when stereotypes about anything you believe in are made but are the first to perpetuate ones about those who believe differently then yourself! SHAME! I personally believe in small government and state and individual rights! I believe in gay marriage! I believe in women's reproductive rights! I'm glad more leaders in our party are listening to the majority of its people and not just the extremist! I truly believe most of America is along the moderate republican lines! It's media who demonize republicans!

DebaLa DebaLa

Good ethics is ultimately good business, no matter your persuasion (politically, that is).

Anna Potts

you know what my mom is a lesbian and guess what im a republican! my mom is not but she is not political.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Hahah you republicans are so funny.

"We've ALWAYS been for gay rights! What are you talking about?!"

Hahahaha. Seriously. So funny... Anyways, that's really great though. It's about time we all got on the same page.

tnyangel tnyangel

It's a HUGE deal! But I seriously believe it's more because a large base on both sides of the aisle are for it and they need votes!

Doomy234 Doomy234

Wow. Way to lump all republicans into the one "hates every person" category. Thats just not true, republicans (for the most part) dont "hate" anyone for their lifestyle choices, we just dont want to be forced to accept something we dont believe in (example: gov't funded abortions, anti-gun legislation). That being said, I am a moderate-repub and have NEVER had a problem with gays and have ALWAYS thought that they should marry and adopt if they so choose. So no, I dont think hell has frozen over.

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