Sequester What??! Let ‘Robert Pattinson’ Explain It for You (PHOTOS)

robert pattinsonOkay, there's this buzzword floating around a lot these days. Maybe you've heard it? Sequester. As in, "Who will suffer the most from the sequester?" Or, "Where will the sequester cuts hurt your community?" Or, "Should we panic over the sequester, and if so, how soon? Today? Yesterday?"

You may be wondering, WHAT THE HELL IS THE SEQUESTER? So you Google that, and you get lots of words. Words with no pictures, and no mention of the Oscars, either, so that's super boring. But wait! "Robert Pattinson" is here to explain to you what the sequester is and how it could affect you.

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CafeEm CafeEm

This is fabulous.

tuffy... tuffymama

Head Start needs to be cut. It is a waste of $8 BILLION of the taxpayers' money. Head Start kids typically score 70% lower in reading and math than kids who don't attend Head Start by the time they all reach third grade. So Head Start is an $8B con to babysit kids for no purpose whatsoever than to pay under qualified people to babysit low income kids all day.

Also, if Janet Nazitano was so damn concerned about money to secure the borders, why did she just authorize the purchase of MILLIONS of rounds of ammunition and MILLIONS of dollars' worth of weapons? Hmmm. That money could have kept our borders secure for years and years. Seems like she is more concerned about citizens who don't agree with her politics, than she is of border threats. Especially considering that her president wants to basically open the borders to let in more Dem voters.

Flori... Floridamom96

Seriously? You actually want a British actor telling you about critically important governmental budget issues? 

Debra Anduaga

II love Rob. really he is not a citizen of  this country why is he explaining this to us?

nonmember avatar princassdrea

Really @tuffymama? I want to see your source of this information. Please enlighten me with your creditable sources. I want nationwide statistics on this. Please enlighten us.

nonmember avatar Crystal

Seriously??? Head start is amazing for children. My premie daughter attended, and started kindergarten already able to read some and able to add and subtract. Yea, sounds like a waste to me!?

nonmember avatar Results

To the people that questioned Tuffy, here's the official report. Reading skills remain nearly unchanged by 3rd grade but math skills and social skills are actually LOWER!

“In contrast, at the end of 1st grade, teachers reported more shy behavior and more problems in their interactions with the Head Start children,” the report said. “At the end of 3rd grade, teachers reported more problems in their relationship with Head Start children and a lower percentage of Head Start children in the normal category for emotional symptoms. Children’s own reports showed one unfavorable impact at the end of 3rd grade (peer relations).”

Christopher Michael Punches

where is the article? this is just lazy journalism. why is this author on your staff?

nonmember avatar Ashley

To the people who think that Head Start is not preforming. You're nuts and either taking facts out of context or completely making them up. The children that Head Start provide children too are the extremely needy. They maybe living in a homeless shelter or maybe they dont have enough food to eat. These are children who have low chances, low hope. So saying they arent preforming at a normal rate in third grade (four years after the one year they had in Head Start for most!) is not taking in many factors, such as the schools they are currently attending, their family's current economical situation, and most importantly their mental and physical health. Head start provides services to a high amount of mentally disabled children as well. It will be a sad day in hell if Head Start is ever cut!!!

Flori... Floridamom96

Who cares whether it's performing or not, it's unconstitutional.

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