‘Lucky’ Car Accident Saves Missing Toddler From Inevitable Tragedy

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snowy sceneThis is one of those stories that will make you, just for a second, believe in miracles. A 2-year-old girl was playing in the backyard with her sister in Sweden when she wandered off, and the parents, obviously scared out of their minds, called the police. Authorities instantly mounted their search for the little girl in the freezing weather -- helicopters were being called in as well as search and rescue dogs.

Then, a police car on the hunt for the missing child got stuck in the snow, and everything changed.

When the cops got out to push their vehicle out of the slippery ditch, they heard someone crying. Just a few feet away was the young child, barefoot and freezing, weeping all alone. 

The officers made their way through the waist-deep snow and scooped her up. They report that she was cold and upset, but was otherwise fine. Amazingly, she had toddled about two miles from home in the three hours that she was missing. The police brought her home to her parents and all's well.

Rather remarkable, isn't it, that a freak accident during the search for the toddler turned out to be the luckiest misfortune the cops could've ever asked for. While authorities are confident they would've found the girl soon (her red jacket against the white snow was going to be easy for the choppers to spot), you can never be sure.

Who knows what could've happened to her in if they hadn't run off the road -- frostbite? a bad fall? run-in with wildlife? -- it's stories like these that make me, just for a second, believe that things really do happen for a reason.

What do you think?


Photo via GollyGForce/Flickr

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tuffy... tuffymama

Whew! That's a really great outcome. I'm so tired of terrible things happening to kids, it is a really big relief they found her.

Bubba Huber

This story makes me want to go hold my son tight.

John Jessica

thank goodness she was found ALIVE. Now all her parents need to do is KEEP AN EYE ON THEIR CHILDREN. Common sense.

Amand... Amandatoo

That baby has a Angel looking out for her!!! What a Awesome Story!!!

starl... starlight1968

God works in mysterious ways sometimes.  So glad that baby was found..

Jami Van Brocklin

Amazing to hear, however, I'm getting tired of hearing stories where obviously, the parents were not watching their toddler. This could have been prevented had they just kept an eye on their toddler.

Katie Cruz

She was missing for 3 hours??? Ridiculous! I'm glad that they found her and all is well, but damn. Check on your kids more often than every 3 freakin' hours!

nonmember avatar Wendy

Glad she was found safe but why were her parents not watching her more closely. And if she was playing outside in the snow to begin with why did she not have shoes on? Something sounds fishy.

Colleen Newell

Umm, so glad she's okay... But why was she "lightly dressed and barefoot" playing in the backyard? look at the link... strange.

MabFae MabFae

Ever think that maybe things are reported more dramatically than they actually happened?

She could have lost her shoes while she was lost.

She wasn't lost 3 hours before they searched for her, she was lost 3 hours total. 

We weren't there, so we have no idea how closely or not closely her parents were watching her. Toddlers have an amazing way of getting into sticky situations in the blink of even the most dilligent parent's eye. We are too quick to judge when we should just be happy that everything turned out alright.

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