Mom Accused of Killing Baby Daughter May Only Get 45 Days in Jail (VIDEO)

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ruby klokowJust because a crime was committed many years ago doesn't make it any less heinous, right? That's the question a judge in Wisconsin is likely currently considering while hearing the case of 76-year-old Ruby Klokow, who was charged with second-degree murder in the 1957 death of her 6-month old daughter, Jeaneen. Klokow's crime was unknown until her son came forward in 2008 with horrible stories of childhood abuse. It's enough to make your skin crawl ... 

Klokow has pleaded no contest, and she could serve 45 days in jail and 10 years' probation in the girls' death. I KNOW -- you're probably thinking, That's all? (And isn't that what LiLo and Paris Hilton served for much more minor offenses?!) And yet, Klokow's attorney seems to want to get his client out of just that.

District Attorney Joe De Cecco says her advanced age and health are factors that should be considered when looking at the recommended plea deal. Plus, he says, Klokow is remorseful and "dealing with a lot of heartache."

I'm sure that's the case, but that doesn't mean this woman shouldn't serve time for the crime if she is indeed found guilty. In fact, I can't understand why the possible sentence is so minor ... Yes, the crime took place almost half a century ago. But does that really matter?

In the case of something like a theft or a drunk driving incident in which no one was injured or killed, maybe I could see the court shrugging it off. But in the case of a murdered infant -- no matter when it took place -- there's NO WAY the judge can turn a blind eye. What would that say to murderers, to society? "Sure, go ahead, do the crime, and if you can hide it for a few decades, you're off the hook!" It's crazy.

Klokow's age and health is absolutely no excuse. It doesn't matter how much time has gone by ... If found guilty, she must serve hers.

Here's a news story on the case ...

Do you think Klokow should go free?



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doodledo doodledo

I don't think she should go free. From what I have read, she qas horribly abusive to her children that survived. She was extremely abusive and cruel to these children and was never punished or accountable until now. And for her to only get 45 days is not right and is basically affirming that what she did was not that bad when in fact this lady was a monster who humiliated, beat, totured and killed her children. She should spend the rest of her life in prison.

nonmember avatar Marinemom

That sorry bitch needs to go to prison for life! She had no care for the baby, why should anyone care about her needs?!?!

nonmember avatar Doreen

ANYONE whom hurts a child should do hard time,,,

nonmember avatar La

So many parents of horrible abuse have gotten away with things like this... She will pay for crimes one way or another.

Carmen Marie Shellenbarger

No!!! She needs to pay. There may be a another child dead at the hands of this lady. I feel sorry and pray for these babies.

Lori Peters

She needs to be rotten in prison.

Inez King

This woman robbed her daughter of her life, the child that she should have given her life for, and to think she may only get 45 days for is ridiculous! This woman took her little girls life and I believe hers should be taken from her!!! I think as a mother you have not only the responsibility to take care and protect your children but an honor also. To do less is criminal!!!

Nicci Barber

I think she should get no consideration at all, was the baby given any consideration? As well as the son reporting abuse, she shouldn't have had children and now she should be made to pay for her crimes no matter how old they are and how old she is.

MomOf... MomOf2AndAZoo

Let her spend her last years rotting in prison. She didn't care about her kids then, doesn't care now. She is only going to turn on the guilt mode because she wants to avoid dying in prison. Bring that poor little baby some justice and lock her ass up.

loveb... lovebienmom

Another case that proves the court systems protect the criminals more than the victims.. Why is it that we have to consider her health and age? She didnt do that for the 6 month old baby she killed. Sounds to me like the baby was the lucky one, the other child had to live through it and still lives with it today. I say crimes of this nature need special attention. How about droppin the bitch off by helicopter to a location deep in Death Valley and then fly away.

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