Latest Kate Middleton Attacks Show We Learned Nothing From Princess Diana

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Kate MiddletonYou may have heard that author Hilary Mantel has come out with guns blazing for Kate Middleton. But the more people come out to defend the Duchess of Cambridge, the more we realize this has shades of Princess Diana all over it. The double Man Booker prize winner stood up in a lecture at the British Museum last week on royal bodies and compared Prince William's bride to a hunk of plastic.

Dubbed a "venomous attack" by one British newspaper, the description of Middleton as "a jointed doll on which certain rags are hung" was at best hyper critical. At worst? Mantel's decision to rip apart the pregnant princess in public as a means to support her theory that it's time to bid the monarchy goodbye was dehumanizing. As dehumanizing as the attacks on the duchess' mother-in-law all those years ago.

Mantel said of the Duchess:

Kate Middleton, as she was, appeared to have been designed by a committee and built by craftsmen, with a perfect plastic smile and the spindles of her limbs hand-turned and gloss-varnished.

Remember, this is a real person she's talking about. A woman who was born of human parents, who grew up eating food and breathing air. Kate Middleton is a woman who puts her pants on the same way the rest of us do.

And unlike a craftsmen-built doll, she has real feelings, feelings that were no doubt hurt by being dubbed a doll, by being accused of serving no purpose on this planet other than to give birth.

Mantel can argue that she was only criticizing the monarchy -- as many of her supporters have said -- but the fact is, she named names. She stepped away from an attack on a group and took on a person.

Kate Middleton is not a symbol of a group. She's a person, and like her mother-in-law before her, her foray into the public spotlight cannot erase the 20-some odd years she existed on the planet beforehand.

During Princess Diana's life, the monarchy and Britons both spent much of their time trying to turn her into something she wasn't. They tried to mold her as if she was a doll rather than a human being, and the result was a tumultuous time for the late Princess of Wales who battled depression and an eating disorder as she tried to meet the impossible demands being put on her by both sides.

Mantel may have meant to make a point about the wrong of what has been done to the likes of Princess Diana with her criticisms of the monarchy. Instead she did pretty much what she is mad at the monarch for doing ...

What do you make of the criticisms of Kate Middleton? Haven't we learned from what Princess Diana went through?


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Katie Ranei

how stupid , horrible article gastly

cmjaz cmjaz

When will they start calling her by her actual name? Kate Windsor

Linda Jorgenson

The Duchess should be left day she will become Queen lets keep her around to full fill those duties.

nonmember avatar Sandra Middleto

Hilary Mantel...get a pulse!!

Keley... Keleyna_01

Poor girl. Kate is a wonderful lady who has helped so many people with her and her husband's charitable work. I think what it boils down to is jealousy because Kate is perfect in every aspect.

Kristin Tara Murphy-Burt

Leave Kate alone. She is a great person and will make a great Queen. Diana would be proud of William.  Hilary Mantel if you want to make fun of someone take a look at yourself and your life because your life must be so boring that you have to pick on others. GET A LIFE!!!

John Llort

So what if she's a real feeling? That doesn't make her exempt from criticism and we still have the right to express our views. Kate Middleton has done nothing to get so much media attention but marry someone of a monarch that is a waste of taxpayers money. If she tried to live life normally and the entire royal family as well they would experience hardship like normal people who have to take criticism as well. In my opinion Kate deserved everything that's came to her because there are well deserving people out there who should get more media attention then those slacking royals.

Stone... StoneySkid

I think Kate Middleton knew what she was getting into when she dated-then married- Prince William. I would think growing up, she would have seen all of the negative news about Princess Diana, and the rest of the royal family (and celebrities, politicians, etc...). But just because this bullying happens every day doesn't mean it's right, but it still happens. I'm sure the royal family has taught her how to respond to negativity and represent the family in a way that to some people may be robotic or stiff, but in reality is a very elegant and classy approach.

She is a great woman, who as far as I know has never done anything humiliating or embarrassing (for her or the royal family). She has an elegant style too. The press likes to hate on royal families, politicians, and celebrities because they are jealous. They want the nice clothes, the piles of money, and the attention. Journalists like this really don't contribute positively to society.

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