Idiot Fans Wear KKK Hoods to High School Hockey Game

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KKK studentsIt's unbelievable that anyone would think wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood and robe out in public would be okay, but that's just what three North Dakota high school students did Friday night. To a well-attended high school hockey game nonetheless.

There they were in the stands during the state semifinal game. Shane Schuster, who posted a picture of them on Twitter that has since caused an understandable uproar, told the Associated Press he was in disbelief when he first saw them. "I thought, 'Are those KKK hoods?' I couldn't believe it. I was shocked."

Shocking indeed.

It was an unfathomably idiotic and insensitive move. Whether they were making a statement other than stupidity is unknown. In any case, they should have known better. You have to wonder what their parents thought when they found out too. Was this kind of hatred learned at home, or were their parents heartbroken that their kids did this?

It wasn't, however, a completely random act. Hockey fans often participate in a "white out" during games. According to Fox News, the practice stated more than 25 years ago by the Winnipeg Jets and has since spread. As you can see most of those around them are dressed in white too. That's not any kind of excuse, because these were clearly more than just white outfits, but at least it puts it into some sort of context.  It also should be noted that the high school they were playing against, Davies High School, was named for Ronald Davies, a former federal judge who helped integrate Central High School in Little Rock, Ark., in 1957.

The school the students attend, Red River, has investigated the incident and said they only wore the hoods for about 30 seconds, which is neither here nor there. They wore them, and that's revolting. Principal Kristopher Arason went on to say the school was "extremely disappointed" and that it was "not a representation of our school or student body." He also said "appropriate action is being taken," but did not say what that was.

So how should they be punished? I don't know exactly, but it should be significant. If they're old enough to know what a KKK robe is they're old enough to know the hate it symbolizes. And that's not okay. Not at a hockey game or any school event.

How do you think these students should be punished?


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Cassandra Huber

So the KKK have no rights? Racism sucks, but they have the right to assemble peacefully and butthurt people have no right to stop them. This is america...this stuff happens, it doesn't hurt anyone, get over it. KKK is in my area, and I may not agree with them, but it is their right.

nonmember avatar krelia

Remember folks, it's only racism when white people do things.

Flori... Floridamom96

They shouldn't be punished at all. You have heard of the first amendment haven't you?

bills... billsfan1104

Why should they be punished?? You and your colleagues make insensitive blogs many times, against republican women, the Catholic Church and Christianty all together. But because they do something that you don't like you expect a severe punishment.

bills... billsfan1104

I also think that these kids took "white out" to a wrong level and were just beig idiots. I don't think racism has anything to do with it. Probably realized their mistake and that is why it was on for 30 seconds

Zenia6 Zenia6


tmung07 tmung07

What happened to freedom of expression, no matter how insensitive it is. No one can have an opinion anymore without people getting upset.

Jennifer Gassman

There is something wrong with the curriculum at these students' high school. I think no one ever taught them that a KKK hood or a noose or a swaztika wasn't fun or funny. The high school students themselves do not deserve punishment; clearly they didn't know any better. I'm glad other students around them did.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I dont think it matters if the students that did this were White, Black, Chinese or Indian or whatever the hell else there is out there. What makes this an idiotic act is that fact that they are taking a group like the KKK and glorifying it..not thinking of the generations of hate, pain and murder these assholes stand for and caused for many many people!  I am not black or white for that matter, but I find it to be so stupid that these kids were allowed to do this and for sure should be punished. THey are in high school..not in preschool...they knew exactly what they were doing....This is taking something that was supposed to be fun and exciting and taking it way too far!

Zenia6 Zenia6

@Tmung07- Yes they have freedom of expression, the 1st amendment and all that. No they should not be "punished."   They are within their rights.

No one can have an opinion anymore without people getting upset.  <--- if your opinion is that of aligning with a group that promotes white supremacy, burning crosses and domestic terrorism than yeah, decent people will get upset.


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