Kidnapped 11-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Escapes & Frees the Younger Girl Kidnapped Before Her

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There seems to be a very determined kidnapper on the loose near Whittier, California, but an astonishingly brave 11-year-old girl not only foiled his latest attempt at grabbing a youngster -- but also freed another girl he'd reportedly kidnapped. The unnamed 11-year-old was walking alone in the suburban enclave when a red convertible drove along her. The driver snatched her off the streets and threw her in the back of his car.

The girl reportedly got a shock when she was put into the car -- there was already a girl in the backseat, one who looked about 7-years-old, and who apparently had tears streaming down her face.

At some point, the man walked away from the car for some reason and the 11-year-old was able to open the door of the car -- which had its tan top up -- and the younger girl also jumped out too and they ran away in separate directions. The older girl was able to run home.

But the younger girl hasn't been located nor has anyone in the area reported a girl missing.

Local police say this guy has probably tried his crimes before -- a 17-year-old was previously approached by a man of the same description, who began following her after she turned down his offer of a ride, and who ran away when he pulled over. Hours later, another girl reported a similar incident.

If the incident did happen the way the girl described it, then thank god she came along when she did, or who knows what would have happened to the younger girl. But where is the younger girl? Who is she? Could her kidnapping have been so brief that her parents didn't even have a chance to realize she was missing -- and did she find her way home and is too scared to tell them what happened?

What do you think of this story?

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Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I am SO happy that these girls were able to get away.I hope the younger girl returned safely to her home and that they catch this sicko soon, before he is 100% successful in his attempts.

hopea... hopealways4019

This is very disturbing, he a serial kidnapper. I know the older girl was scared, but she should have held little girl hand and ran away. Its strange nobody reported younger girl missing? I'm hope she OK

mrjon... mrjonesii

Glad to hear this but I'm confused about the 7 year old part. I have a 7 year old and I'm not sure she would know her way home unless they were just down the street. Also how would the parents not know? When did he kidnap her? Confusion, confusion, so many unanswered questions.

ehale... ehale77562

i have a six year old son that could know his way home. he has been telling me how to get places (as a game) since he was 1. I would stop at red lights, stop signs, or streets and ask him to point which way to go. He got it right 90% of the time. so its possible the little girl knew her way home. im glad they got away. 

Chelsea Renee Taaffe

How could they not catch a guy who drives a red convertable?? How many people own one of those these days?

tuffy... tuffymama

This kind of story makes me feel like my flesh could drop right off my bones with panic if this happened to one of my kids. I hope that poor little girl got away and got safe somehow. :0(

acrog... acrogodess

Oh my! I hope that younger girl made it home safely.

Colleen Newell

And I get made fun of for saying I'm not letting my kids go anywhere without an adult until they're old enought to drive themselves... This is a scary, sick world. Seriously.

bills... billsfan1104

These titles suck more and more. I was expecting a good story about how they both got away and are safe.

DaniS74 DaniS74

That's a very smart young girl right there.  We decided to get GPS watches for our kids... the model we've decided on has a 'one click' SOS button... if the child is lost, or scared, he or she just presses the button and the watch will send email/text to the guardian, with the GPS coordinates of the child's location.  Our youngest is 4, but I would think that a 3 year old of 'average' intelligence could be taught to 'push ONE button.'  It also allows us to program up to 6 waypoints... (GPS coordinates of 6 locations where our children can go... our home, jobs, grandparents, aunts, etc...) so all they have to do is find an adult to find a law enforcement officer to show it to and the officer will know what it is and how to get the child returned to family. 

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