Austin Sigg to Stand Trial in Jessica Ridgeway Murder After Awful 911 Call Released

jessica ridgewayAustin Sigg, the Colorado man accused of kidnapping and killing Jessica Ridgeway, stood a preliminary hearing yesterday, and the judge ruled that there is now enough evidence for a teen to stand trial for murder and attempted abduction. Sigg, now 18, will be tried on 18 of 20 counts relating to the murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, as well as an attack on a jogger during Memorial Day weekend last year. The ruling came about an hour after prosecutors played the 911 tape in which an unsettingly blase Sigg admits to a dispatcher that he killed Ridgeway. 

Here's what a transcript of the 911 call read:


Mindy Sigg, Austin's mother, was the one who initially phoned the police on October 23, 2012. She says: "I need you to come to my house, my son wants to turn himself in for Jessica Ridgeway's murder." The dispatcher then asks her what her son had told her, and she replies, "That he did it, and he gave me details." The dispatcher reassures Mindy that she is doing the right thing, and she replies, "He did it. He's turning himself in." Austin then gets on the phone and says to the dispatcher: "I murdered Jessica Ridgeway. I have proof that I did it. You should send a squad car down here. I'll answer all the questions. I won't resist." (He also revealed some rather gory details that I'd rather not get into.) When the tape was played in court, several members of Sigg's family who were in attendance, understandably, began sobbing.

Although nothing will ever bring this innocent girl who had her entire life ahead of her back, I think it's right that Sigg, a "teen", will stand a murder trial. When a crime this heinous is allegedly committed, no one should get off the hook easily based on formalities and rules. But moreover, my heart breaks for both Jessica's and Austin's families. Listening to this 911 call in court had to be one of the most awful things they've ever done. I truly hope they can eventually, somehow, manage to find peace. But I'm not quite sure if that's possible. 

What do you think of this? 


Image via Westminster Police




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sassy... sassykat122

Can you imagine? Raising a child, loving a child, and finding out that child is a murderer. Not an accident, or even a crime of passion, but the stuff of nightmares? The real boogeyman? And then to have the courage to turn that child in? And no matter the right of it Austins mother must have been torn apart knowing it was HER son who did this awful thing. Can you imagine being Jessica's mother? Knowing what happened to your baby in horrible gruesome detail?

nonmember avatar mariano bula

Why did he killed that girl?

apollo88 apollo88

Why did he killed her? Answer the question now!!!!!!!!!!

apollo88 apollo88

I need an answer from you ,people, not tomorrow ,right now!

apollo88 apollo88

answer the question!

LostS... LostSoul88

No one knows apollo88, chill the fuck out

Rootbear Rootbear

Because he's a sick fuck. That's why. Reason enough? Jesus.

Meg Moore

because he obviously wanted to kill someone..couldnt snatch the jogger so he found someone who couldn't fight back.

apollo88 apollo88

I need an answer right now!

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