Two Little Girls Reportedly Escape Kidnapper & Now We Know Who to Look Out For

That's Criminal 7

kidnappingHave you ever heard of the Darwin Awards? It's basically this satirical award for people whose stupidity was so colossal that they ended up screwing themselves over, and I love them. In fact, I love them about as much as I love stupid criminals. Take the guy who has been cruising the Los Angeles area trying to kidnap little kids. This week an 11-year-old girl managed to escape from his car and rescue a 7-year-old while she was at it.

Bravo to that brave little girl! She needs a medal or a pony or something! And not just because she was a self-rescuing princess. She also handed the cops a wealth of information on this moron.

Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but when little kids are being grabbed by some psycho, I have to put my rose-colored glasses on and hope for the best. The best bet for getting bad people off the streets is if they can be caught. And it's a whole lot easier to catch them when they screw up.

So let's talk about this case, OK? Cops say the 11-year-old girl was walking down the street when some creep grabbed her and tried to stick her in his car. There was already another kid inside, around 7, who was sobbing. The 11-year-old superhero decided she wasn't going to just sit and cry. She fought the guy off, grabbed the 7-year-old, and took off. The girls parted ways at some point, and only the 11-year-old and her mom called the cops. What happened to the 7-year-old, we don't know.

But cops in Whittier, California do know someone has been trying to pick up kids for awhile. Back on February 5, he tried to snag a 17-year-old girl who ran off. At another point, a witness saw a man trying to force two young girls into his car.

Now, thanks to this feisty 11-year-old, the cops might actually have something they can really go on to get this guy.

For starters, the suspect trying to kidnap Whittier's kids is driving a red convertible with a tan roof. Could it get any flashier? That's the same car that was identified before during the attempts, but now that a guy with a car fitting that description has actually grabbed a child, there's a lot more cops can do.

And get this: the man, described as a Latino between 25 and 35, also let the girl get a look-see at his tattoo, three dots on his left hand. That's even better than the car: tattoos on the hand aren't exactly easy to hide.

As a good, law-abiding citizen, these are the stories I cling to to feel a little less depressed about what goes on out there. If criminals would just screw up enough that the cops can catch them, then I can breathe a little bit easier. 

What's your take on this story? Do you want to go give this kid a huge hug too?


Image via MegaBu7/Flickr

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cooki... cookinmommyof1

Kudos to that little girl. And I also love the darwin awards. There's 2 from near here I have to share. 1) a guy in bright red chuck taylors robbed a bank. A couple hours later went into the same bank wearing the same shoes to deposit the stolen funds into his personal account. And 2) someone used a small skid loader (bobcat) to steal/carry away an atm machine. His way of cracking it open was to use said bobcat to dump it down a steep wooded hill, and in the process the bobcat fell down the hill, him in it.

nonmember avatar kevobx

Satan is the eye, and cannot say the word truth, watch him hide behind honesty and charity. Satan loves to distract you from the Bible. Take away his battlements, and those who worship him become lovers of themselves first. (*Revelation 13:8*)

nonmember avatar Robertai

Is it just me that is wow by this. The amount of sick,stuipd, dumbasses people out there. Im just grateful that the sick SOB didnt get to do thing bag to them.

Ally Swarrow

Okay, what the hell? Another writer who covered this story said that the little girl ran off when he left the car. So which is it, she fought him off, or left when he was away from the car? Get your stories straight.

gamma4 gamma4

Ok well and good love that little girl got away and took other with her....but where is other girl..did he get her back again or did she get fully away too??? Worried

dedic... dedicatedmama2

I heard that the 7yr old has not been found and no one has reported her missing so something horrible had to have happened :( I can't believe that with how many girls were attempted kidnapping why there wasn't information given out to the public? I never heard anything until the news press yesterday.

lovin... lovinallofthem

sadly, the three dots on the hand is quite common in that area and further east in the county as well.. so , that could be any mexi who has affiliation with small potatoes gangship.  :(  and yes, here in cali we never heard about that other 7 yr old either.. WEIRDDDDD   what happened to her??? was she supposed to be his'bait' for the other girl he was going to grab?? is it HIS daughter??? why hasnt she been found and taken in by CPS???? 

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