Sarai Sierra's Murder May Be Solved, But It's Not the Salacious Story the Press Wanted Us to Believe (VIDEO)

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When Staten Island mother of two Sarai Sierra was found bludgeoned to death in Turkey, the press (and some of the public) couldn't seem to believe that the 33-year-old woman had simply gone on vacation to take photos. The press picked up Turkish tabloid reports about an "affair" with a stranger she met online -- despite the fact that the man himself repeatedly denied it. They harped on troubles in her marriage because of a couple of vague Instagram posts by Sarai's husband. There was speculation that she was a drug runner who was hanging with "sketchy characters."

Moms who leave their kids for any reason are judged harshly by this world. Shame on this mom for taking a vacation! Never mind that she didn't even PLAN on taking it alone -- her female friend dropped out at the last minute. Guess she planned on bringing her friend to her sex romps and drug runs?

But now we know the truth. The prime suspect in Sarai's murder isn't a secret lover or drug kingpin. It's a homeless man.

Turkish authorities say that blood on Sarai's shirt and skin under her fingernails match the DNA of a homeless man known as Ziya T, who was seen hanging around the same ancient Istanbul walls where Sarai went to take photos.

Police were able to trace his DNA back to Sarai by analyzing a hair they found on a bed of one of the man's relatives. Have to hand it to the Turkish authorities -- they have been on this case from the get-go with the tenacity of a bloodhound on the scent of a scared rabbit.

The man is not only linked to Sarai through DNA, but he is caught on surveillance camera selling the brown leather jacket Sarai wore on the day she was killed. Additionally, her iPad and phone were missing. The suspect is currently on the run and likely headed to the Syrian border.

Beginning to sound like a plain old robbery/homicide, eh? Maybe not as salacious as what the press what hoping for. Would a man have gotten this kind of wild speculation and judgment after he took a trip alone? Ha!

What do you think of how the press handled Sarai's murder?


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nonmember avatar Divest Daisy

I think reporters and their use of sensationalism to make a buck is pathetic. Probably 90% of what we've read about the Sarai case is false, and beyond that, it's cruel to those involved. Poor Sarai isn't here to defend herself, and her grieving family is left to deal with the ugly aftermath created by these greedy, insensitive reporters.

KDRush KDRush

If you read earlier posts on this topic you will see that the friend that "backed out at the last minute" had initially told Sarai that she would not be able to go. The trip was booked for one, not two.

Just puttin' that out there.


What do I think of how The Stir handled the murder.

nonmember avatar Lovetotravel

Thank you for this article. The reporting by many on this case has been disgusting and unfair. As a married woman who has traveled alone many times, I have been shocked by the way the media and public have degraded this woman's character for taking a trip alone. You can make anything look suspect if you determined enough, and they have certainly succeeded in drawing question to her character. Agreed, some of the methods she employed for traveling were not what I'd consider wise, but this was her first trip abroad! When you're not going on cruises or organized tours, but trying to have an authentic exploration of a new place on a budget, there is a lot to learn. Sounds like this poor woman unintentionally ended up in a bad part of town where she encountered a very dangerous person who killed her. It's a horrible tragedy and we should stop looking to satisfy our own desires for a salacious story by trying to make her out to be someone that she probably wasn't.

Jay Yaj

The media is stupid, that's why. So much misogony, so many fake invented stories about this poor woman. BUT, there are many people who are supporting the family online, so the hate doesn't hinder that.

Shida Hamit

Yes, media shapes what they want the world to perceive. That's why we should never trust them 100%. Sadly, there is quite a majority who are not able to be critical and reflect on what media relay to us. Her kids are already in great distress with regards to their loss. Imagine the added pressure and hurt of being exposed to such speculation.

nonmember avatar lee

I completely agree with lovetotravel comment. The press simply destroyed not only this woman reputation, but hurt her family and friends. Poor kids when they read all those bad stories about their mom in the future, when at the end she was just a regular tourist.

nonmember avatar Marie

I still think that had she not made a really stupid decision to travel alone to a different country. She would still be with us. No I do not think it is too much to expect of a mother to put her self aside and raise her children. Why is that so hard for everyone to understand? If you have children and are their mother your needs/wants come second period. Get with it selfish woman and don't let your babies down. I see the pain and anguish she has put her husband and boys through and whatever her motive was for the trip it wasn't worth it.

Christina Jimenez

i agree with lovetotravel.. unfortunately this tragedy happened.. there are women who travel alone daily.. this was her first trip.. whats the big deal with being adventourous.. there is no harm in that.. the harm is some idiot took her life.. the focus is not her trip.. the focus should be on the murderer.. im tired of individuals trying to figure my sister out.. she was a damn good mother, loved her family deeply.. did anything for her boys.. y cause she wanted to experience something she loved to do makes her all these bad things that media is saying.. they cant even get there story straight.. anything for ratings.. and if u feed into the negatively .. well the comment i want to say is not appropriate..

Princess Kalia

The man "accused" of killing her isn't the perp. Believe what you may, don't believe everything you read.
Things aren't always what they seem.

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