Oscar Pistorius Freed After the Murder of His Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp ... For Now

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Oscar PistoriusOscar Pistorius is free ... for now. A judge has determined that "The Blade Runner," who faces charges that he intentionally killed his girlfriend, TV star Reeva Steenkamp, is not a flight risk and granted him bail. The bail is about $112,000. The Olympian has maintained all along that he didn't mean to kill Reeva -- that he thought an intruder was hiding in his bathroom and it wasn't until he shot through the door that he realized Reeva was no longer in their shared bed and that it was her in the bathroom.

The judge said that Pistorius was a low flight risk, given that his prostheses need regular maintenance and he has strong ties to the South African community.

Still, it's kind of galling knowing he'll be free while Reeva is dead either due to a deliberate murder plan on his part or a horrible mistake caused by his "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality, possibly exacerbated by steroid use and paranoia. A witness also claimed to have heard non-stop fighting before the murder. Ironically, part of the judge's decision for bail was that Pistorius "does not show a propensity for violence." Yeah, unless you're in his bathroom!

The judge also spent half an hour admonishing the prosecution for errors and blunders in gathering evidence for the state's case. In fact, incredibly, the lead investigator, Hilton Botha, is himself facing attempted murder charges!

All of this makes me wonder if Pistorius will be able to get out of this mess, much like O.J. Simpson did. And since there are no jury trials in South Africa, his fate rests with one judge. Does the granted bail mean that the judge is already sympathetic to his case? The judge even noted that Pistorius and Reeva "were very much in love." Err, what's that got to do with anything?

This should be an interesting case.

Do you think the judge is already on Pistorius' side?


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Ksmomy Ksmomy

Kiri Blakeley you're an idiot! If you'd keep up with a story instead of just picking and choosing what to pay attention to you'd know the judge for the bail will not be the judge at the trial. You'd also know the witness to the " non-stop fighting before the murder" was between 300 and 600 YARDS away. I believe he shot her there's no denying that but at least read more than 1 account before "reporting" on it.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

sounds like you are already judge, jury and exocutioner

CBeezy17 CBeezy17

I have watched this case closely from the first day. Speculation and gossip has ruined this poor guy. I had a strong feeling that he was innocent of any premeditation since the first hearing. I think he has spent his whole life feeling vulnerable thus making him extremely paranoid. I mean hellooooo...wouldn't you be in his situation? It wouldn't be that easy for him to escape someone who wanted to harm him--OR his woman. I believe HIS account of events, not the ones the media has made up or this farce of investigation over the case. Yes, what he did was really careless...but I can't say that if I thought my life was in danger that I wouldn't do the same. He shot to kill. I feel like this was an accident of the worst kind. Reeva was a beautiful person inside and out. I hope to see him completely freed so that he can grieve properly and try to come to grips with the guilt of killing the person he loved most. He will be and is already in prison inside himself. The idiots who believe everything in the media will always hear the words "bloodied cricket bat" "bashed skull" "needles and steroids" "jealousy and infidelity". Instead of reading the statements from the judge that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT OSCAR'S ACCOUNT OF EVENTS ISN'T TRUE, they will make his life a living hell with death threats and bashings. It's a very sad case all around and I wonder if he will mentally make it through the rest of his life...

DebaLa DebaLa

Get real. He did it in a rage. Get over it. He may not have pondered how he was going to kill her or that he meant to kill her. Premeditation involoves Malice [yes, he used a bat and a gun at a specific trajectory to her literally sitting on the john with her cell phone, hiding from him]; and Aforethought [they were having escalating arguments throughout the night, he knew where she was, brought his gun and bat, and had time to put on his blade prosthetics before shooting]. So, someone dying during the commission of an assault performed in a manner (gun and bat] that he knew could injure and kill her. That's the only bar they have to meet for premeditation. IE, there was opportunity for him to stop at any time, and instead, choose to shoot thru the door. That said, his money will buy him too much favor I think.

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