What's the Worst Thing You've Done While Flying With Kids? (VIDEO)

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The recent story about the man who slapped a toddler on a plane has moms buzzing this week about what's appropriate and what's not when it comes to flying with kids.

We took up the issue in this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout. Check out the video after the jump, as four writers from The Stir sound off and reveal the 'worst' things they've done while flying with kids!

Were you as surprised as we were about the moms' comments on our Facebook page? One suggested a Plexiglas-enclosed section on airplanes for kids and their parents -- and a dose of Benadryl for the children! Another said she often wants to slap parents on planes because of the way their kids were behaving. What the what?!

I'm not really sure why there's so much animosity toward children on planes, but I've gotten to see a lot of it while spending much of the past year traveling. Since I was traveling on business, I didn't have my kids with me, so people just assumed, I guess, that I didn't have children. Consequently, I noticed many times that whenever a child let out a shriek or a wail during the boarding process, the passengers around me would often look at each other (and me) and roll their eyes.

This seemed a bit intolerant to me, especially since once the plane took off, 95 percent of the time, the noise of the plane engine covered up any noise a small child might make -- unless you were sitting right next to the child or the child was extremely loud, which was practically never. I can only assume that passengers are intolerant toward children because plane tickets are very expensive, and they feel they deserve a shriek-less flight.

But as a parent, it's definitely a little annoying. I really believe that as long as parents seem to be doing the very best they can to keep their kids quiet and well-behaved, other passengers need to cut them some slack.

What about you? Do you have a problem with kids on planes? And what's the 'worst' thing you've ever done while flying with kids?

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nonmember avatar Gretta

I think traveling by air kinda sucks in general so everyone is ready to roll their eyes and be peeved at ANYTHING. From the person holding up the security line.... to the guy trying to carry on the boxcar sized suitcase.... to the lady who tries to board at the wron time.... I could go on and on. I think everyone is just annoyed in general.

power... powertothekids

somehow sneak a bowl of chocolate in and let kids gorge

nonmember avatar blh

I have a two year old and I think being on a plane with him would be a fate worse than death ha. So I understand people not wanting to

Cari Dato

I have flown between the United States and Germany with 4 kids under the age of 6. I guess the most "annoying" thing I did was ask the guy behind me to hold my baby while I took the other children to the bathroom. There was a lady across the aisle from me that also had 4 little kids, and one of her kids pitched a kicking and screaming fit several times during the flight, so no one was really paying any attention to me.

Cari Dato

Also, no one WANTS to bring little kids on a plane, it's just something that has to happen sometimes, so cut the parents some slack.

DebaLa DebaLa

The flying part was great. It was the pre-flying nerves that got my DD. Me: after much tending to her in bathrooms, carrying her like a rolled up carpet, rushing thru the gate, going from one trash can to another so she could barf before boarding the plane on time. She was A-ok after that. Hope that wasn't too early in the morning for ya, but you did ask. She remembers it fondly. <• <•

ethan... ethans_momma06

I've only ever flown with my children. Generally we get compliments from the passengers with how well behaved they are. However, I am so grateful for the man how sat next to me and my son on one particular flight. My son was a toddler and for who knows WHAT reason- just could not leave him alone, including flying his plane into his arm.

Obviously, I was mortified, but bless that man for turning around and engaging my son and making our 15 hour flight pleasant.

The last thing ANY parent wants when they are flying is a fussy, cranky, ill-behaved child. REALLY.

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