Mom Reportedly Pours Hot Sauce in Son’s Eyes in Some Sick Form of 'Discipline'

That's Criminal 133

Krista Jean Miller Robin Willette RumseyYou hear about parents who take "discipline" too far all the time. But the story you're about to read doesn't sound like discipline. It sounds like torture, plain and simple. Cops in Utah say two women took hot sauce and poured it in the eyes of a 14-year-old boy to punish him for breaking a glass.

And this wasn't some one-off mistake for Robin Willette Rumsey, the boy's mother, and her friend, Krista Jean Miller. The two women have allegedly been torturing the child for quite some time.

At one point, cops say they forced the boy to smoke marijuana. They allegedly poured alcohol over his face, and police say they even locked him in a basement. That's on top of the hot sauce!

Does any of that sound like "discipline" to you?

Me neither. Discipline is a punishment to correct a behavior. Discipline might be unpleasant, but it's not harmful in the long run. It's something a parent should be willing to undergo themselves if they do something wrong. I take my daughter's Kindle away as discipline. I tell her she has lost her phone privileges.

I don't torture her.

This is an important distinction. We as human beings need to respect others, even (especially?) children. It's a pretty easy line to draw: what we don't want done to us shouldn't be done to others.

I know I wouldn't pour Tabasco in my daughter's eyes or my husband's eyes, for that matter. I wouldn't do it to anyone, child or adult. After all, I wouldn't let someone pour Tabasco in MY eyes. That's cruel and inhumane.

We wouldn't allow the CIA to do that to enemy combatants. We wouldn't allow prison guards to do that to prisoners.

Rumsey and Miller are facing multiple felony child abuse and endangerment charges. I'd like to say they should be punished with the sorts of things they were accused of doing to this poor child, but we are better than that in America. We don't torture our criminals.

What punishment should these ladies get if they're convicted?


Image via West Valley Police

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nonmember avatar Leeanne


Karen Reid

What kind of drugs were these 2 maiacs on?Just for breaking a glass,come on so what .These 2 women should go to prison for a lifetime.I don't even want to think about any other kind of punishment they gave that poor boy.

shell3m shell3m

they need years in prison AND to NEVER have contact with that child again!

nonmember avatar whynot

Cover their bodies in thousands of paper cuts, then continuously dip them in either hot sauce or rubbing alcohol. Poor kid.

Joey Larson

i think in these cases same punishment for them as child..

Melinda D Chandler Pines

i honestly think the two women should have the same done to them and possibly worse.but what happens to then is in GOD hands and the two women are going to have to pay the prices for what thees women had did to this young boy. i do pray that god will blessed this boy. less hope he can move on and make something good out of his life. less hope that his mother get what is coming to her for this. children are GOD gift and are meant to be loved. not to be treading like this. i hope god blesses this boy with lots of loved. cause i think his mother needed lots and lots of help. i sure hope she never get the changes to hurt him again i will pray for this young boy. may god blessed him and keep him safe?

nonmember avatar Laura

I feel compelled to say the author is incorrect in saying "Discipline is a punishment to correct a behavior." The word "discipline" comes from the same word "disciple" comes from and it means to teach. Teaching children should not ever be thought of as punishing them. Every moment we are with our children we are teaching them how to live, often through example. Our task is to guide them, show them new ideas and ways of thinking, encourage them to be the best people we can. My children are grown now, but I can not recall ever needing or desiring to "punish" them other than a few time-outs when they were toddlers. One was/is very strong willed, but I saw my job as helping that become a good and productive qualilty rather than a point of contention. Perhaps if everyone stopped misunderstanding the word "discipline," there would be less people thinking they needed to create punishments!

Margaret McMahon

That's the problem with this world. They should be given the exact treatment they gave. What's the saying," an eye for an eye". What's that statement mean if you cant do to others as they have done unto you!

Christine Smiley Sander

punishment should be no different than one who commits any other illegal offense upon a minor, including sex offender punishments. To have such abuse from the very person a child should trust above all others can do far more damage than any other form of trauma they encounter.. just ask most of the hardcore criminals in prison today!

Robin Lemox

the same they did to child but worse

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