Mom Reportedly Pours Hot Sauce in Son’s Eyes in Some Sick Form of 'Discipline'

That's Criminal 133

Krista Jean Miller Robin Willette RumseyYou hear about parents who take "discipline" too far all the time. But the story you're about to read doesn't sound like discipline. It sounds like torture, plain and simple. Cops in Utah say two women took hot sauce and poured it in the eyes of a 14-year-old boy to punish him for breaking a glass.

And this wasn't some one-off mistake for Robin Willette Rumsey, the boy's mother, and her friend, Krista Jean Miller. The two women have allegedly been torturing the child for quite some time.

At one point, cops say they forced the boy to smoke marijuana. They allegedly poured alcohol over his face, and police say they even locked him in a basement. That's on top of the hot sauce!

Does any of that sound like "discipline" to you?

Me neither. Discipline is a punishment to correct a behavior. Discipline might be unpleasant, but it's not harmful in the long run. It's something a parent should be willing to undergo themselves if they do something wrong. I take my daughter's Kindle away as discipline. I tell her she has lost her phone privileges.

I don't torture her.

This is an important distinction. We as human beings need to respect others, even (especially?) children. It's a pretty easy line to draw: what we don't want done to us shouldn't be done to others.

I know I wouldn't pour Tabasco in my daughter's eyes or my husband's eyes, for that matter. I wouldn't do it to anyone, child or adult. After all, I wouldn't let someone pour Tabasco in MY eyes. That's cruel and inhumane.

We wouldn't allow the CIA to do that to enemy combatants. We wouldn't allow prison guards to do that to prisoners.

Rumsey and Miller are facing multiple felony child abuse and endangerment charges. I'd like to say they should be punished with the sorts of things they were accused of doing to this poor child, but we are better than that in America. We don't torture our criminals.

What punishment should these ladies get if they're convicted?


Image via West Valley Police

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Mary Ann O'Kuly

i am angry as hell with these two bitches. U never do that to anyone. I hope they go to prison and get raped with a plunger. Disgusting ass bitches. And after they get raped pour hot sauce in their eyes.

Kathleen Hayes Wood

Those women R MONSTERS I just don't understand how they can justify this kind of behavior or rather as they call it discipline

Laura Trinidad

This world makes me so sad. There are thousands of terrible cases like this throughout the world. Children are being abused every minute of everyday. It is sick. It makes me wonder how these mothers were raised, or if they were abused the same way. I hope the 14 yr old is strong enough to rise up from all that has been done to him and help other children escape the same abuse. Poor Child. These women should be put in jail, and get mental therapy.. cause they must have mental problems to do this to a child. So Sad!!

lalab... lalaboosh

Actually, discipline and punishment are different. I hope you learn the difference for your kids' sake.

insei... inseineangel

@DebaLa, don't make comments like that. My family and I live in a mobile home community, and I find it offensive when people assume those who live in mobile homes are less than quality people. Shame on you for that.

These women are despicable, treating a child that way. Neglect, endangerment, cruel and unusual/inhumane treatment towards an adolescent. If they don't get 10-20 years each, minimum, our courts are failing children like this, and failing to set an example for parents who mistreat their children.

Roosm... Roosmom12

We SHOULD torture our criminals..Crime would decrease if punishment was feared. Instead criminals get free rent, free education and food and entertainment..

Ashlea Collins Wilson

I believe in the whole "Eye for an eye" thing. I think these two horrible moms need to have hot sauce poured in their eyes, and everything else they did to that poor kid. Then throw them in the slammer for a very long time.

Kayla Anderson

roosmom i completly agree with you.. they do get everything free.. three meals a day free rent... everything they need.. and i think they should get everything done to them as they did to the child... let them be locked up and have stuff poured in thier eyes and everything else they have done to this child his entire life... i disipline my children but nothing like that.. i stand them in the corner or take thier toys away they need to be locked up for life

nonmember avatar linda

They should be treated according to their "own" discipline. In the exact same manner - let's see how well they like their "discipline".......

MelDo... MelDouglas

Some of you act like your still in high school... Seriously what makes these wastes of space monsters is their behavior, not their weight, not where they live, not even where they come from. Whatever is screwed up in their heads is to blame. Prison would definitely be less punishment then these things deserve. I'm American but would feel no remorse if these things were tortured as well. You abuse the innocent you get what you deserve.

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