Mom Reportedly Pours Hot Sauce in Son’s Eyes in Some Sick Form of 'Discipline'

That's Criminal 133

Krista Jean Miller Robin Willette RumseyYou hear about parents who take "discipline" too far all the time. But the story you're about to read doesn't sound like discipline. It sounds like torture, plain and simple. Cops in Utah say two women took hot sauce and poured it in the eyes of a 14-year-old boy to punish him for breaking a glass.

And this wasn't some one-off mistake for Robin Willette Rumsey, the boy's mother, and her friend, Krista Jean Miller. The two women have allegedly been torturing the child for quite some time.

At one point, cops say they forced the boy to smoke marijuana. They allegedly poured alcohol over his face, and police say they even locked him in a basement. That's on top of the hot sauce!

Does any of that sound like "discipline" to you?

Me neither. Discipline is a punishment to correct a behavior. Discipline might be unpleasant, but it's not harmful in the long run. It's something a parent should be willing to undergo themselves if they do something wrong. I take my daughter's Kindle away as discipline. I tell her she has lost her phone privileges.

I don't torture her.

This is an important distinction. We as human beings need to respect others, even (especially?) children. It's a pretty easy line to draw: what we don't want done to us shouldn't be done to others.

I know I wouldn't pour Tabasco in my daughter's eyes or my husband's eyes, for that matter. I wouldn't do it to anyone, child or adult. After all, I wouldn't let someone pour Tabasco in MY eyes. That's cruel and inhumane.

We wouldn't allow the CIA to do that to enemy combatants. We wouldn't allow prison guards to do that to prisoners.

Rumsey and Miller are facing multiple felony child abuse and endangerment charges. I'd like to say they should be punished with the sorts of things they were accused of doing to this poor child, but we are better than that in America. We don't torture our criminals.

What punishment should these ladies get if they're convicted?


Image via West Valley Police

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Annie De La Garza

i think this one time we should do as the bible says do unto others as they do unto u, altho i know what the real meaning means stillllll the crime does fit the punishment in this case

Carla Gray-Corrin

What the hell is the matter with some people?!  I just don't understand somebody who would do this to ANY body!  They are SICK, SICK, SICK!  My God....Do they get some kind of sick sadistic pleasure from it?  They need to put them in prison and throw away the key!  Let the other prisoners dole out their punishment.   See how THEY like a little of their own medicine!

Todd Vrancic

I think they would be ineligible for medical testing, if you are referring to using them as human subjects.

Celeste Cline

First, do unto them what they did to this poor child X 10.  Then take 'em out back & dispose of them!!

Victoria Calvanico

Maybe they should be forced to work at a School for the Blind! They wanna mess with people's eyes, let them have to so supervised work with blind people! Horrible, vile women!

Candice Graham

 I believe this woman should recieve the worst punishment unimaginable.. What she did to her son was torture plain & simple

nonmember avatar myria bowman

So sad the bitches will get theirs and i hope its hot sauce to the eyes and a few more open places n the body

Carei Thomas Sharp

I honestly think the two women should have the same done to them and possibly worse. I would be a happy volunteer of soaking their eyes in Habanero sauce..Then advise their cell mates of what they did and that should just about be the end of it

nonmember avatar Vamp

I would totally put Hot sauce in their eyes...and repeat on them any kind of torture they gave that poor kid through out his life....maybe you don't believe in torture...I don't really..but this to ugly fat things totally deserve it

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