The 'Monster Goldfish' Apocalypse Is Here & We Only Have Ourselves to Blame (VIDEO)

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monster goldfishLots of people have some kind of phobia revolving around a particular creature: Spiders, sharks, bats, snakes ... goldfish. Fine, maybe that last one isn't quite as common as the others. FINE, maybe I'm the only person I've ever met who has a goldfish phobia! But I have a feeling I won't be the sole (HA!) human being with this fishy fear for long! Nope, now that MONSTER GOLDFISH are invading Lake Tahoe, I wouldn't be surprised if people started squishing goldfish and keeping spiders in bowls as pets.

Although it is the whole "keeping as pets" thing that started what's sure to be remembered for centuries as the Monster Goldfish Apocalypse. Or, more accurately, the whole "dumping as pets" thing, officially known as "aquarium dumping."

Which is actually a huge problem around the world: People who toss their unwanted aquatic pets into lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water are often (unwittingly) introducing an "invasive species" which can severely impact the already existing ecosystem. In a BAD way. Such species (which, besides goldfish, include Asian carp, lionfish, nutria, and northern snakehead, to name a few) can destroy vegetation, make water murky, and ultimately kill off other native species. And while the goldfish found in Lake Tahoe was freakishly huge for a goldfish (at about 1.5 feet), there's no telling how big these "thriving, breeding" critters could get -- just look at that demon fish from hell in the above pic! (That THING was found in France.)

Biologists are warning people to stop "aquarium dumping" before more damage is done; even killing unwanted fish is more "responsible" than dumping (an action that could end up killing many, many fish). So, the answer is clear: DEATH TO GOLDFISH.

(Just to be clear, biologists didn't use those exact words. But in my heart, I know that's what they meant.)

Watch this ... if you want Monster Goldfish swimming through your nightmares for days ...

Oh, will the mutant animal parade ever end?!

Have you ever dumped a pet fish in a lake or river?


Image via Yahoo News

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Sweet... SweetMelancholy

I had sea monkeys as a child that starting mutating after a couple years (actually growing multiple heads, etc.) I was terrified of them and didn't want them anymore. Not to mention you can't clean those sea monkey tanks so they get pretty gross after that long. My mom wanted to just flush them down the toilet but I wouldn't let her so we dumped them in a neighborhood pond. To this day when I go there I'm always expecting giant two headed sea monkeys to jump up and eat someone...

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Who is that freaked out by a goldfish? Even a giant goldfish, is still just a fish. Little dramatic.

nicol... nicolemead91


Mommi... MommietoJB

Im am creeped out by goldfish and this just made my skin crawl. I dont know exactly why but it does.

tuffy... tuffymama

Why would an adult dump anything in a lake or pond? People don't think, or they just don't care. If you have pets you don't want, there are people who will take them. Don't be lazy.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

that goldfish cant be real!!!!! OMG (freaking out) LOL

DebaLa DebaLa

Adaptation! Small controlled tank : big cold lake. Doesn't matter. Intrigued, not shocked or grossed out.

Sweet... SweetMelancholy

By the way I'd like to clarify I would never dump a pet in a lake/pond now or even when I was a kid except in the sea monkey case. 99% of the sea monkeys were already dead and the rest (the mutated ones) probably wouldn't of lived much longer. They were creepy and I don't think anyone would want a tank of mostly dead tiny shrimp in their house and I doubt anyone would have taken them in. Most people don't consider them "pets". I actually work to rescue dumped and stray animals now. I don't want anyone to think I'm a cruel animal hater because of a sea monkey incident that happened when I was 5 :)

Myhum... Myhumblestart

That is not a normal goldfish.It's a Koi.A type of asian carp.Which is in the same family as a normal petstore goldfish.They are the big fish you see in decorative ponds in parks.They can be white,black, orange or a mixture of the colors.

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