Fox News Host Bob Beckel Claims College Rape Almost Never Happens (VIDEO)

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Bob BeckelFox News host Bob Beckel thinks campus rape is something that rarely happens. Or, at least, that is what he SAID on Fox News yesterday. During a round table discussion about a Colorado bill that would allow women to carry concealed weapons to prevent sexual assault at colleges, The Five co-host Beckel said: "When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?"

Um, seriously? Naturally his co-hosts jumped on him and pointed out that, DUH, sexual assault is rampant on college campuses. One huge problem: college assault is rarely reported. According to NYU statistics, fewer than 5 percent of such cases are reported to law enforcement. But, in fact, the DOJ said that about a quarter of ALL college age women will be victims of some kind of sexual assault.

One QUARTER of women. That is insane. See below:

Those stats are crazy. And wrong. And as a woman who is currently halfway between my college experience and my daughter's, it needs to end. I knew so many women who were sexually assaulted during college and were simply too afraid to report it. And the reason is very similar to what Beckel said. "What? Are you going to shoot your date?"

Now, I am not usually a Fox News fan, but the response from the other anchor was priceless. In a nutshell it was: Yes. You shoot him if he's a rapist.

Regardless of whether or not we arm women to stop rape, which I happen to think is an insane idea, nothing will get done if our lawmakers don't realize there is a problem -- a HUGE one. And with people like Beckel, that is going to be hard.

How can anyone not know there is an issue with campus rape? As a woman, it's disturbing to me that a man could miss this. Maybe it's just him, but I spent four years taking drinks with me to the bathroom, never getting "too" drunk, and being awfully careful about who I spent time alone with, and that was 13 years ago.

It doesn't seem like much has improved in the decade since I left college. So what are we going to do about it? Guns aren't the answer. But I know what might be: Taking is seriously. KNOWING about it. Educating boys as well as girls. That seems to be the missing link here.

We should all be thanking Beckel for pointing it out. Because this is not just a "woman's issue." And if a man can miss the whole problem, it proves we aren't talking enough to men.

Can you believe Beckel said this?


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Caera Caera

Not to state the obvious here, but just because someone is "college-age" doesn't mean the rape happened on a college campus. She could be college age anywhere.

Kinda puts that statistic in perspective a bit. Annoying, huh?

SIMom... SIMomSays

When I was in college (I graduated in 2003) for a small fee, I think like $40, you could purchase an alarm from campus police. It was tiny and looked like a key chain, when you were in danger you could push a buttom or pull a string and a silent alarm would be sounded. I had to use it once and Campus Police were there in minutes. I think it is a small price to pay to insure your safety. I always carried it with me and kept it on my night stand when I was in my room. More campuses should offer such devices/services to their students. 


tbruc... tbrucemom

FYI, Bob Beckel is a democrat. Yes he is on Fox News but contrary to what some people wrongly assume, they aren't just a conservative network.  There are several commentators that are either independent or liberal. As far as guns, you better believe if someone tries to rape me I'll shoot them if I have to.  I'd try other things first (preventative measures like the writer stated, nonlethal weapons such as tear gas spray, running away, etc.). You never know if rape, which is bad enough, will escalate to murder.  However, I think what he was saying that the far majority of rape on college campuses is date rape. It probably would be more difficult to shoot someone you actually liked enough to go on a date with.  I'm also not sure about the statistics.  There's probably a fair percentage of "regretful sex" being called rape.  I just don't buy the 25% statistic.  How else would you explain such a higher percentage on college campuses compared to rape stats not happening there?

work4... work4mickey

I think the problem is guys are less likely to hear about an unreported rape then women. Male rapist ussually don't discuss it with other men (because they know what they did was wrong, and that decent men will judge them). Women often confide in other women but often will not report it. Ultimately, nothing can be done about an incident unless the victim reports it. Even if I know my friend was raped, if I didn't witness it, it's just hearsay.

sugar... sugarmansmom

tbruce-I would bet the combination of alcohol, machisomo, and first time away from home without much supervision could account for that big difference in rape stats on versus off campus.  Opportunity makes a big difference.  

Zenia6 Zenia6

Not sure Democrats are having such a hard time talking about this issue. Beckel's comment about rapewas pure idiocy. However his point about drunk armed frat boys was a valid one. And the idea that woman are going to go on all dates armed is a little disconcerting. The majority of rapes are by people who are known and trusted so no, probably not going to "shoot their date".

work4... work4mickey

Tbruce mom. I do believe the 25% statistic. For one since it is for "some kind of sexual assault" which can include things that we don't think of as rape, such as groping. It isn't restricted to incidents that occur on campus.

In college I had 3 friends confide in me that they were raped, and none of them reported it.

The first was pregnant and living with her friend. The rapist was her friends boyfriend (& she wouldnt even tell her friend). She was worried that her friend would not believe her and that she would become homeless.

The second got into an arguement with her roommate and took a walk around 1am, and was raped. She refused to report it because she was trying to regain custody of her daughter and was convinced that the "poor judgement" she had shown, taking a walk at 1 am, would be used against her.

The third, was probably regret sex. She had an alcohol problem and was a different person when drunk (when drunk she propositioned just about anyone, including me. I told her we'd try it when she was sober. She never got back to me.) She allowed a male friend to sleep over, and says when she woke up he was touching her sexually, but she didn't remember what happened the night before. So this one's in the gray area.

Caera Caera

The 25% statistic has NOTHING TO DO WITH CAMPUS RAPES.

The 25% statistic is in regards to "women of college age".

The two are not synonymous.

Melan... MelanieJK

If most of these rapes aren't reported where do they get the statistics?      While it's very likely a valid supposition,   It's not a statistic if they don't actually have statistics!  

There's a lot of risky/reckless one night stand behavior in college.    Kids assume that a fellow college kid is smart enough and cares enough about their future enough to  a) recognize rape as rape and b) recognize rape as a crime.   The vicitms are  not responsible in any way for the rape but they do need to be responsible for taking necessary precautions.  

sugar... sugarmansmom

Caera-you're right, to an extent.  I can't be sure of exactly which study this article is referencing, however a national study of college women found that approximately 1 in 4 will experience some form of sexual assualt during their academic career.  Researchers have to be careful about the way they word their conclusions-the subjects were women in college, and the large majority were assaulted by other college students at a college related event.  Most sexual assault does NOT occur on campus, but rather at a school related event-a party at a house, a "school" bar, etc.  This, however, does not negate the correlation between the university setting and sexual assault.  The two may not be synonymous, but they are closely correlated.

Melanie-social researchers often guarentee anonymity-"I'm not collecting your name or any other identifying information, and all information collected will be aggregated and put into reports or findings-no one will know that you participated in this study unless you tell them"-is usually how the spiel goes.  People may not report an assault or rape to authorities because they fear identification, but you'd be surprised how forthcoming people can be when they are talking to a researcher or filling out a questionaire and are assured that no one will be able to trace it back to them.  

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