Couple Finds $11,000 Near Golden Gate Bridge & Does Something Unbelievable With It

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moneyImagine you're out on a romantic date with your husband. You're doing a little sightseeing when all of a sudden you find a bag with no apparent owner. Inside is money -- lots of money. Would you do? 

Well, Carlos and Barbara Landeros did what few probably would have last week when it happened to them. According to, the couple was out for Valentine's Day, strolling by the Golden Gate Bridge before heading to dinner when they spotted a black camera bag. After seeing the bag unattended for about 45 minutes, they decided to look inside. There they found a camera lens, some credit cards, and a whole lot of cash -- about $11,000 of cash. The stuff dreams are made of, right?

At that point they could have hightailed it to dinner and toasted their good fortune with some really expensive champagne. But they didn't.

Instead they took the money to the police and turned it over.

Good for them. It's what we all know we should do in that situation, and perhaps think we would do. But how many really would do it when they have all that cash right there in their hands?

There could be so many ways to rationalize keeping it, or keeping some of it. They could have told themselves they'd just take it home and try to watch the paper for any notice that anyone lost it and return it then. I mean there are corrupt cops, right? I'm sure many others would have taken it and considered it their luck day or  finders-keepers without ever looking back. But thank goodness there are people who do the right thing just because it's the right  thing to do like this couple. If you've been needing a little faith restored in humanity, there it is.

It turns out the money belonged to a Chinese tourist named Mark (who doesn't want his last name used). It was a combination of his money and that of two other families with whom when was travelling. They'd set the bag down to pose for some pictures by the bridge, then forgot it. We can only imagine what an incredible vacation spoiler it must have been when they realized it was gone.

So when they got it back, they were beyond grateful. According to the site, they tried to call the Landeros family to thank them, but the phone number didn't work, so they hopped into the rental car and drove to their home to thank them personally. They weren't there, but they eventually spoke by phone, and Mark said he's even sent them a financial reward.

The Landeros, however, are just happy to have helped out and to have some good karma on their side. I hope they win the lottery, and that Mark and his pals start using traveler's checks or something.

Have you ever found something valuable? What did you/would you do? What do you think most people would do?


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nonmember avatar Kendallsmommy

the only thing i've ever found was a blackberry in the bathroom @ walmart 1 time & when i left the bathroom i took it 2 the service desk

Sweet... SweetMelancholy

What a shame that's the unbelievable choice. But that's how it is I guess. Glad there are some decent, honest people left in this world.

nonmember avatar Leighanne

My dad found several thousands of dollars, I wanna say 13 or 30k? He turned it in to the police department. It remained unclaimed so they gave it back to my dad several months later. He has passed away since, but he left a great legacy of integrity.

Jasmine Laurèn Hughey

I tracked down a person who stole a phone from a customer of mine.  The customer thanked me by accusing ME of actually stealing her phone, having a change of heart, and giving it back.  -_-

Stephanie Kenner Hairr

My daughter dropped her Ipod touch in Penn Station when we went to NY last summer to visit family. We didn't discover it was missing until we left the station. I called Amtrak & Penn Station lost & found & someone found it & turned it in. I had to pay for shipping for it to be mailed back to us but I didn't mind. It warmed my heart to know that there are good, honest people out there.

nicol... nicolemead91

I was 15 and shopping at the mall with my uncle right before Xmas. I told my uncle I'd be right back i was running to the bathroom and he waited outside for me.. So i go do my business and as i was washing my hands i just happened to look down by my feet and there was a wallet basically right under the sink.  well i picked it up and i mean this wallet was STUFFED with cash. it could barely close. there was a women's id inside so my uncle and i went to security and they called the women's name on the loud speaker. 2 mins later she came running and i just knew it was hers. i swear to god there must have been 5,000 or more in that wallet. I didnt know this woman but i could tell that she was truly incredibly happy to have all her xmas money back. She had 3 young children with her as well. She told me that she had been looking for her wallet for almost an hour and didnt think she was gonna get it back. She told me that i made her xmas that year for being an honest person and returning her wallet, then she handed me $500 and told me to get something real special for myself. I didnt want to take her money and my uncle tried to hand it  back but she insisted and gave me a hug and she went on her way. I never seen her again but i still to this day remember her name lol.

Brandy Singleton

Why should we be surprised that there are acually people that would turn the money in writer???

BirdCo BirdCo

Now doing the right and honest thing is unbelievable? How very cynical.

echoi... echoishername

I love how some of you act like it is bad to be surprised. Culturally, we are selfish. Most people would have taken the money and not looked back.


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