Michelle Obama's New Portrait Is Already Stirring Up Snarky Remarks (PHOTO)

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michelle obama second official portrait white houseFirst came First Lady Michelle Obama's "mid-life crisis bangs." Today, we're getting the first glimpse at her second-term official White House portrait, shot by Chuck Kennedy, featuring those much-discussed locks. It was only a matter of, well, minutes before we were tweeting/Facebooking/blogging about how she looks.

Because ... that's what we do in America. The country that's supposedly so advanced, except that we can't treat women in power with the respect they deserve. We can't resist an opportunity to regress to the superficial, and reduce a brilliant woman like Michelle Obama -- a Harvard-trained lawyer who is currently using her platform as FLOTUS to drive initiatives related to our nation's health and veterans -- to her hairdo and lipstick. What is this, the '50s? It's pathetic.

Here, a few of the ridiculous remarks already made about the FLOTUS's portrait, which of course have absolutely nothing to do with what Michelle Obama does and represents as First Lady ...

  1. "That center part makes her head look a tad butt-like. It's cool, though. We like butts. ... Her lipstick is pretty, but those eyebrows -- yikes." -New York Mag, which at least acknowledged they were offering a "purely superficial breakdown" of the portrait.
  2. "The bare-arm look of 2012 is a thing of the past -- but hopefully not a message from the halls of power that women need to start wearing sleeves in professional environments again, because we just got used to the whole 'Michelle Obama does it, so I can too' thing." -The Root. Wow. Are we really worried about bare arms in the workplace? Is that really our biggest fish to fry, ladies? Might I remind you: We don't get equal pay for equal work! AHH!
  3. "This time around Michelle covered up her infamous arms." -Glam.comEnough about the arms!
  4. "Wedding ring, glossy pink lipstick, neutral nails: I am practically falling asleep but still, this is one for the literal history books." -TheFashionSpot.com, which gets a bit of a pass, because they blog about fashion and want to cover the news, but still ... it has me cringing about the history books being concerned only with Mrs. Obama's "neutral nails!"
  5. "It does not show her bangin’ arms, for one thing, and she is maybe a little overly made up and does not look as relaxed and happy as usual." -Wonkette.com, which also is built on tongue-in-cheek commentary, but ugh, we really do cluck our tongues when she doesn't look "relaxed and happy." Or when she reacts like a human being and not a Stepford wife. And that's just gotta stop.

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Are you also fed up with the constant focus on our FLOTUS's looks?

Image via The White House/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Dana

Tammantha Brown:
You stated that other people dress Michelle; Uh excuse me; weren't all the previous first ladies dressed by someone else!! 99% of the clothes that Michelle Obama wears look FIERCE on her!!! She has a great figure; nice arms and a Fierce walk!! She is the most FABOULOUS first lady we ever had in the White House!! I am so tired of people hatin on Michelle!! Oh don't think that I don't know the real reason behind all of the hate!! But I won't play the RACE card!! How are y'all going to feel when there is an Hispanic in the White House? Whoops I guess I did play the race card!! I don't like Obama either; but Michelle is Fabolous!!

Indie Marie Christopher

@ Dana - Its not because she's black, so trust me, there's no need for the "race card". she has nice arms? no she..doesn't. She has man shoulders and hands. She doesn't pull off the feminine look well because she doesn't have the features for it. Michelle is not, in any sense of the word "fabulous" . -rolls eyes-

Carrie Kennedy

She is just playing dress up.  We all know that is not her usual look or smile.  She usually has a look of discust on her face.

momav... momavanessa

She looks Beautiful. People need to lay off.

godsg... godsgirl26

One word UGLY.

nonmember avatar Nothingspecial

She's no Jackie Kennedy. That's for sure.

Carol Florman Maynard

I think she looks great.Her warmth and personality come through in her portrait.She is a lovely vibrant women and I'm glad she is our First Lady .

nonmember avatar J. Oli

That portrait cost more than an air traffic controller's annual salary. Obama should have sequestered his and her 2nd term portraits instead of air traffic controllers. Why are tax payers paying for her portraits anyway? She wasn't elected to office.

Tom Fullre

A Harvad trained lawyer???? no wonder her and her old man are such crooked bastards. As for the hair, I don't recall any blacks that are born with straight hair. If she's such an advocate of traditional black culture and ethnicity, why does she want hair like a caucasian? I'm confused, please tell me why she's such a hypocrite?

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