Women Who Hid Boy for 8 Years Don't Think They Did Anything Wrong

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Krystle TannerTwo women who hid a little boy away from the outside world for eight years are headed to prison. The Texas women were convicted of abducting Miguel Morin at just 8 months old and keeping him locked away for years. They never sent him to school, never took him for his pediatrician visits or let a dentist check his teeth.

But get this: Gloria Walker and daughter Krystle Tanner still don't think they did anything wrong!

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Oh, but I'm just getting started.

Walker's attorney claims Miguel's mom is not the victim she claimed to be when the boy was found last year. He says she sold the baby to Krystle, who was working as a babysitter, for $200. What's more, lawyer Rudy Velasquez claims Auboni Champion-Morin and Fernando Morin weren't terribly cooperative with police when it came to finding their kid. Even now that Miguel has been "found," the boy lives not with his biological parents, but with another couple who care for the Morins' OTHER kids.

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OK. Fair enough. The Morins don't exactly have "parents of the year" stamped on their forehead. But we don't always get picture perfect victims in America. There are always shades of gray.

On the other hand, Walker and Tanner's case is pretty black and white. The mother and daughter hid a child away from the world for eight years! They didn't send him to school. They didn't take him to the doctor. If that's not proof that they knew they were doing something shady, I'm not sure what it is.

If it quacks like a duck, folks, it is a darn waterfowl.

Walker has been sentenced to 30 years for injury to a child and eight years for kidnapping, to be served concurrently. Tanner is expected to serve eight years for kidnapping and eight years for the lesser charge of reckless injury to a child, also to be served concurrently.

No matter how much they want to protest their innocence, it sounds to me like they got off easy. It's a rather small price to pay for stealing eight of a child's formative years from him ... especially when you were so blatantly aware that what you were doing was wrong.

What do you think of these women's claims that they did nothing wrong? Is the punishment appropriate?


Image via San Augustine Sheriff's Office

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IHear... IHeartCake

I take issue with this writer's implication that doing something wrong is more wrong when it's blatant that you know it's wrong.  Wrong is wrong.  On another note, the writing on this website often reads like a high school essay written ten minutes before class is about to start.  Can't you at least leave out the clichés?

Jennifer Smith

Ummm, my question...what did they do to injure the child?? And how is it kidnapping if the child was "sold". Illegally, yes. But it was agreed. And, I don't feel that not taking a child to the doctor is bad unless they're sick or injured. I have 3 children and durring check ups, the doctor does nothing more than ask questions and give vaccinations (which are more harmful than good). So, other than the vaccs, the questions (check up) can be done over the phone or just avoided all together. Point being, yes...what they did was wrong for "locking him up" and sheltered from the world. I do agree on that.

Mille... Millertime77

Vaccinations for children are not bad.  And what these two women did for eight years was illegal. 

Shannon Bettencourt

Because they locked him away , wouldn't let him go to school OR  BE  AN 8 YEAR OLD CHILD !

nonmember avatar sarah

i agree, what they did is totally wrong. And vaccines are not good, my 2 month old got his and had such a bad reaction. Ran a high fever, wouldn't eat. It was horrible. Needless to say he won't be getting any more.

Cassie Largy Pham

Did they take good care iof the little boy? Did the little boy love her like a mother? He was sold his real parents sound like crack heads...what is wrong? They should have home schooled him atleast if they did not have the parental rights to put him in school. That does not prove guilt, I have my step son because his mom doesnt want to take care of him and it was very hard for me to get him in school with out her. Was the boy injured? If so how and by who...my 2nd grader could of did a better job writing this article. I hope the little boy is ok , if they looked up the only person that loves him and took care of him for 8 years this is a huge mis-justice

Idansini Sla

thats whats wrong with the system in america they should be locked up and key thrown away.

Cassie Largy Pham

How did they lock him away? The article does not elaborate on his living conditions or alleged abuse. It does not add up. The boys real mother still does not want him and has her kids living with a random couple????? School does not start until the age of 6... this article makes no sense

jennb... jennbarnes07

Actually school starts at the age of three....and also in 8 years I am pretty sure this poor child had been sick several times in which he shouldhave been taken to the Dr. Vaccines for children r very important! What they did to this.child.was neglect and abuse and whoever.thinks they did nothing wrong should be locked away for eight years of their life!!!! Sick sick people

ladyb... ladybumblebee

Totally agreed Jennifer Smith..  Maybe (without knowing details of living conditions etc)  instead of prison they should have been offered adoption papers.  

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