Why Did Singer Mindy McCready Have to Kill Her Dog, Too?

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Mindy McCreadyMindy McCready's suicide may not have shocked the world -- or at least the people who knew her well. She had tried suicide twice before and had been battling the demons of addiction and depression and hard luck for a long time. She was also dealing with the death of her boyfriend and father of her second child -- and was under the dark cloud of suspicion in that death, too. That's an incredible amount of stress for anyone to deal with, let alone someone who was fragile and inclined towards suicide. But the news that Mindy also shot her beloved dog before she killed herself has drawn a lot of judgment. It's tragic enough she left her two children motherless, but she may have thought they were "better off" without her. What on earth would make her take the life of her faithful pooch?

A friend of Mindy's has reportedly spoken out about this particular act and says that Mindy would have done it not to be malicious. But done it out of caring for her pet. Says the source:

Mindy really loved her dog and that would not have been an act of malice at all. It would have been more of a case where she just didn’t want to leave the dog alone.

As an animal lover, Mindy's last act before taking her own life made me cringe -- made me lose some sympathy for her, to be honest. Yet, as someone who once wrote a piece defending a man who had euthanized his dog under threat of being thrown out of his apartment -- and who then came home and took his own life out of guilt -- I wondered why I didn't have the same sympathy towards Mindy.

In the first case, the man had a pit bull. Once his building began coming down on him for having a pittie, he felt he had nowhere else to go, and put his dog down. But then he felt so terrible about it, he killed himself. My heart went out to him. He must have felt that a pit bull would have nowhere else to go -- and that his chances of being adopted were very slim. I felt that since he at least was there with his dog when he euthanized him, it was better than dropping him off at a shelter, where he'd likely die alone.

But the dog of Mindy McCready would have stood a good chance of finding a home. At the very least, I imagine some fans would have come forward to take the dog. The dog owner's fame would have worked in its favor. Not so with the non-famous man who euthanized his pit bull.

Additionally, it's also been reported that the dog she killed was her ex-boyfriend David Wilson's dog -- the man who allegedly killed himself last month. And that two other dogs in the home were left uninjured. So what does that say?

I do not pretend to understand what Mindy's mind was like in those last moments. She obviously felt worthless and alone enough to feel that her children were better off without her -- and that she had no one to turn to. So she must have felt there would be no one there for her dog either.

I still wish in those moments she would have found some way to not only spare herself, but her pet.

What do you think about Mindy killing her dog?


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linzemae linzemae

I think its bullshit she had to kill the dog. It would have found another home! If you love something you dont just shoot it

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Because the dog would have been jumping and licking over her dead body... 

I remember when I fell and cut my head open, my dog came running towards me and licked the blood off. 

Joyce Stafford

Please, she was a head case, and if those two little boys hadn't already been removed from her home , she would have shot them too! It's called mental illness, and 1) she shouldn't have been breeding in the first place, and 2) her craziness has been public knowledge for years, why did she have guns???

Vegeta Vegeta

A lot of people kill their pets with themselves. It's so they can be together in their next life.

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

Do you have a next life if you commit suicide??

Mommi... MommietoJB

agree @vegeta. She probably killed the dog thinking when she sees her dead boyfriend in the after life she will greet him with his dog. I dont know she was mentally ill.

savery savery

I think u all are assholes for valuing the pets life over mindys life. I dont know her but i feel sorry for her family and children...

Tripl... TripleC14

How is anyone "valuing the pet's life over Mindy's life"? People are commenting that though she chose to take her own life, she didn't also need to murder the dog. Pretty sure the dog didn't ask to be killed.

Melan... MelanieJK

She was severely mentally ill.     We seem to think that because these people make some seemingly rational decisions,   they have the ability and control to selectively decide when and what decisions will be rational.    They don't!    It's random and illogical.

Tuesday Sexton Handel

It makes me SICK she left her kids motherless however they are better off with strangers in foster care! Than with her or family. But killing her DOG makes me sick! Well now she s going too HELL with the boyfriend where they both belong! This whole thing just makes me sick!
Kids and Dog lover

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