Mindy McCready's Ex-Boyfriend Says He Wants to Raise Her Two Children (VIDEO)

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After the tragic news that country singer Mindy McCready took her own life yesterday, one thing must be uppermost on her friends' and family's minds: What will happen to her two young children? McCready's ex-boyfriend, Billy McKnight, and father of her first born son, Zander, says he wants the children, including her second born, Zain, to live with him. He told The Today Show:

I'd like to keep those boys together and try to turn my son's life around. He's had a rough first six years and he deserves better than this. My heart's broken for him right now, I'm very worried.

Keeping the boys together should be a priority. Those boys have lost so much in the past few months -- they don't need to lose each other too.

McCready and McKnight had a turbulent relationship. Zander was originally given to McCready, but then when McCready began having addiction issues, he went to live with McCready's mom. McCready then famously kidnapped her son back from her mother. The boy was then put in foster care.

McKnight says that the boy "shouldn't have been taken from me to begin with." Zain is the son of McCready and her late boyfriend, David Wilson, who died of an apparent suicide -- but questions had swirled about whether McCready had something to do with his death.

McKnight also says he isn't "surprised" by McCready's suicide and that she had tried suicide twice when they were together. He said:

As sad as it is, it didn't come as a major shock. She has been battling demons for so long; I was around her when she attempted suicide twice so I knew it was in her.

Would McKnight be the best home for Zander and Zain? Surely, as father of Zander, he will have an opportunity to try and prove it. But you have to wonder, considering that his relationship with McCready was filled with reports of domestic violence and drug abuse. He'd really have to prove he's changed his life. But those boys need to stay together if at all possible.

Where do you think the kids belong?

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kelti... kelticmom

Um, isn't this the same guy who was charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER for beating and choking her? Worst idea ever!


What's wrong with the "grands" taking care of them? Although I don't know their ages;tykes that age can be a handful.

mommy... mommyof5cutties

If the ex is being charged then no he shouldn't get them... if that's all part of a bad rumor and he's a good guy then he probably knows them best and should have them.

cmjaz cmjaz

He went to prison for trying to kill her. He should not have those kids

carole76 carole76

Don't know enough about this guy to give an opinion.  Of course after something like this you want to keep the kids together.

Katie Hesney Johnson

Yeah, no. Attempted murder and prison? Give the kids to Mindy's mother, they'll be together then. 

jessa... jessasmamma

Custody was originally given to Mindy, then it was given to her mom, then he was put in foster care... there have been MANY chances for this guy to step up and prove himself as a good parent. Which he clearly hasn't. The fact that he is on a television show talking about this ALREADY, like what? 24 hours after her death? Yeah, it's pretty clear exactly what his motives are. He should be ashamed of himself!

Miriam Kennedy

I think due to her suicide her credibility is likely to be questioned. So, he may still have a chance. 

nonmember avatar Dawn

He originally said he wanted his son back and didn't know what would happen to the other child. Those kids need to be adopted out together to make a fresh start. Being in this merry-go-round of neglect and emotional abuse is ridiculous. Enough is enough. I get that he is the father, but as someone else pointed out, he has had many opportunities to prove he is responsible enought to take full custody and he hasn't done it. The best interests of the children should be considered here and he may not be one of them.

mande... manderspanders

He looks like a real winner...

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