Man Who Reportedly Slapped Toddler on Plane Is Now Unemployed -- GOOD! (VIDEO)

Joe Rickey HundleyJoe Rickey Hundley, the 60-year-old man accused of slapping a crying toddler on a plane and telling his mother to "shut that (n-word) baby up" is now out of a job. Hundley worked for AGC Aerospace and Defense, Composites Group as the president of the Unitech Composites and Structures unit. But on Sunday night, it was confirmed by a public relations firm that Hundley has been let go from the company. Al Haase, president and CEO of AGC, issued a statement, saying that reports of one of the company's executives recently was "offensive and disturbing". And while he didn't refer to Hundley by name, he said that the employer who reportedly was responsible for this behavior "is no longer employed with the company."

To that I say: Good.

If this is true, clearly, there is something very wrong with Joe Hundley. To slap a child period is unbelievable. But to slap someone else's child -- someone you've never met -- and to call them such awful things is almost inconceivable. I honestly can't even say what I would have done in such a situation, because it's so hard to conceive of this ever happening. It's the kind of thing you'd see in a movie and think, "Yeah, okay, sure that would happen."

Hundley isn't deserving of his obviously very high-paying job if what's being reported about him is true. He's not deserving of any job at this point if that's the case. He's obviously unstable (and quite frankly, well, just plain awful), and needs help for his anger issues. A person who smacks a young child he's never met on a plane shouldn't be able to go back to his job like nothing ever happened. That's not how the world should work. (And let's not forget, court records in Virgina say that he was arrested in 2007 following a fight with his girlfriend.)

As of now, Hundley's facing up to a year in jail if he's found guilty, which to some, doesn't seem like much. But if you factor in the fact that he's out of a job -- and probably will be for a long time to come -- it makes it seem like justice served. Well, somewhat.

Do you think Joe Rickey Hundley should have lost his job?



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nonmember avatar Blush

How do you slap a toddler sitting in the lap of the person in the seat next to you across the face? I have a feeling he said something to the mother and she has added details. It is basically he said/she said.

nicol... nicolemead91

I hope they lock his ass up! if that was my baby i would have been flippin shit !! 

Melan... MelanieJK

Are more people just totally losing it lately or are we just hearing about it more?     Executives are usually pretty careful about their public behavior.   He probably has a decent retirement nest egg so losing the job might not be as tramatic as he deserves.   

Woofi... WoofieMom

The only witness that said the slap happened was 12 rows ahead. Another witness right behind them said the slap and the slur didn't happen. So which account do you believe?

Shandi80 Shandi80

Seriously, how do we even know this man is guilty of this? Where are the witnessess??

nonmember avatar krelia

This still sounds like a black person trying to win the race card lottery. Such trash.

doodledo doodledo

There are plenty of witnesses, the FBI is investigating and through their investigation believe the witnesses and the mother enough to bring charges against this guy . The FBI believes this guy did it and that's what matters.This guy is a repeat offender and has been previously charged with assault. You can tell just by his mug shot that he has an alcohol problem. I hope he gets the strongest sentence possible.

nonmember avatar kristen

Krelia, you really should do some research before you make dumb comments. The mother of this child is white. The child is adopted. How is she playing the race card?

Anyway, this guy held a high position at his job so like a previous poster had said, I'm sure he has a decent retirement already set up.

nonmember avatar shan

@krelia, If you had read the original story you would know that only the child is black because he was adopted by two white people. I mean, maybe she embellished the story, but to call her "trash" and say she's only playing the race card is unnecessary when you don't have all the facts.

Woofi... WoofieMom

Truth or not...if the Feds think he did it, he is already doomed.

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