'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius Reportedly May Have Smashed Murdered Reeva Steenkamp's Skull

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The world was stunned when Olympian "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius was arrested in South Africa for the murder of his girlfriend, the beautiful reality show star and model 29-year-old Reeva Steenkamp. The double amputee, who overcame incredible odds to compete against able-bodied athletes at the Olympics, broke down in court and has reportedly maintained that his mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. She was found shot four times in the bathroom of the home the couple shared. But sources are leaking to South African newspapers some more alleged details from that night -- and they paint a picture of a horrific night and a brutal deliberate murder.

Sources are telling South African media outlets that the case will center around a bloody cricket bat found on the scene and that Reeva's skull was allegedly also bashed in.

Says a source:

The suspicion is that the first shot, in the bedroom, hit her in the hip. She then ran and locked herself in the toilet. She was doubled over because of the pain. He fired three more shots. She probably covered her head, which is why the bullet also went through her hand. The bedsheets also reportedly indicate that there were two people sleeping in it before the deadly shooting.

As for the cricket bat, reportedly sources say that Pistorius either hit her with the bat before she ran to the bathroom, or that she used the bat to defend herself, or that he used it to smash his way into the bathroom. None of these theories particularly make sense: If he smashed her skull before she ran to the bathroom, how did she make it there? Why did he shoot her if he'd already "smashed her skull"? If she used it for defense, why would her blood be on it?

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At any rate, the sources say that the state has "rock solid proof" that it was a homicide, and that Pistorius knew he was killing Reeva, not an intruder. There have been reports that he suspected she was cheating on him. Also that he'll be tested for steriods and a possible "roid rage" defense set up.

I think with all high profile murder cases, there's going to be a lot of speculation about what happened, and most of that will have no basis in reality until the evidence comes out in court. However, how you mistake anyone in your own bathroom for being an intruder is a good question (wouldn't she have been crying out, letting you know it's your girlfriend not an intruder?!) -- and surely one that Pistorius will have to answer eventually.

What do you think happened?


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Banne... BannerElkHogans

he shot he in the damn head 4 TIMES ............that's NOT an ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!

Banne... BannerElkHogans


Melan... MelanieJK

Doesn't sound like his intruder story holds up but I'm sure there's a defense attorney who will try to weave just enough reasonable doubt for a jury member who feels as sorry for him as he does himself to latch onto.  

Nycti... Nyctimene

Sad :( I never really followed the Olympics but I had heard of Oscar and I thought it was very inspirational. It doesn't sound like a defense is going to work here. To me it does sound as though he got mad and lost it and killed her on purpose knowing well it was her. 

Paul Simons

I hate to presume guilt. Possible explanations: if someone commits a murder with a baseball bat he or she could then also shoot the victim to create the intruder scenario. I suppose it may come down to forensic analysis of blood, bat and skull.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

He totally murdered her and that ridiculous "I thought she was a burglar" defense is never going to work. Why would you shoot through a door at a burgler who is obviously hiding from you instead of calling the police? And why when you share an apartment with someone are you so jumpy about burglars instead of using common sense and assuming its your gf? Story full of holes, well, bc he's guilty.

kelti... kelticmom

I would think the most logical explanation would be that he shot her, then bashed her head in, as he moved her body, he carried it downstairs and was allegedly trying to resuscitate her. It sound like to me that he went off in a blind rage (steroids perhaps? Seeing as they were found at his home), then upon realizing what he had done, called his family and tried the whole "intruder" defense.

expat... expatalfa

I hate this but I'm going to go for it. I think he may be a very difficult person. He is severely disabled and competed in the Olympics which tells you he is phenomenally ambitious and nothing ought ever to get in his way. I think he killed her in a rage and then, realising what he had done, tried desperately to save her and did feel true remorse and love for her.

If he really did think she was an intruder, the guy must have been hypervigilant. In a very dangerous country such as SA, you can imagine feeling scared but if you couldn't hop out of bed and run away from potential intruders you might well would shoot first, check later...

nonmember avatar Rika Keck

As a South - African living in NYC, I have been following this sad story intensely.
As I am well aware of the need for personal protection, a baseball bat would not be your go-to if there was an intruder. You shoot unless you are surrounded by 3-4 guys with A-K 47's.
I believe she cried out, begging for her life.
As for Pretorius, we will never know for sure.
If steroids, alcohol and jealousy are involved (as speculated currently), an underlying low-self esteem because of his physical appearance, despite his successes, would play into it - eps. if he suspected a dalliance with another 'perfect' man.
A tragedy on many levels for many people.
Rika Keck

Andre... Andreamom001

So, if they know he took steroids, will he lose his medal?  It sure sounds like he also murdered his girlfriend.  So sad.

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