Did 'Blade Runner' Shoot Reeva Steenkamp Because He Thought She Was Cheating?

reeva steencampOne day after a reality show showed a glowing and beautiful 29-year-old Reeva Steenkamp swimming with dolphins, basking in the Jamaica sunshine, and telling viewers how much she loved them by blowing kisses, new and puzzling details have emerged in her murder case. Her boyfriend, paralympian Oscar Pistorius, known as "Blade Runner" due to his two artificial legs, has been arrested for shooting her to death four times through a door, while Steenkamp allegedly hid inside the bathroom. Pistorius maintains it was an acccident and that he thought she was an intruder, though the new reports about a handsome young rugby player and how Pistorius acted right after the shooting give this story so many twists and turns that who knows what to believe.

The speculation today is that Steenkamp and Pistorius might have been fighting over Francois Hougaard, a 24-year-old rugby player that Steenkamp had dated in the past and who was friends with Pistorius. Not that we could blame her if what everyone is saying about Pistorius and their relationship is true. Witnesses have reported fighting coming from the house on the night Steencamp was shot. Claims are also going around that Steencamp was in "an abusive relationship," which does not look good for Pistorius.

Police have also said they recovered a "bloody cricket bat" at the home that may have been used to crush Steenkamp's skull before she was shot -- or it could have been used by Steencamp to defend against Pistorius.

All these clues make Pistorius more guilty-looking by the minute ... except then comes the strange phone call that Pistorius made to a friend after he fired his bullets. "My baba, I’ve killed my baba. God take me away," he reportedly told the friend, who asked what he was talking about. “There has been a terrible accident, I shot Reeva."

That does not immediately spell calculated "premeditation" to me, but rather someone who lost it in a fit of rage and passion. Pistorius is also said to have tried to give Steenkamp CPR after she was shot.

Steenkamp's family plans to creamate her body and hold private funeral on Tuesday, the same day that Pistorius is due back in court to answer to his charges, so maybe the role of Francois Hougaard and some of the other pieces of this puzzle will finally start fitting together.

Are you following this case? What do you believe happened in that house on Valentine's Day?


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There not much to follow this just happened and on another continent to boot. We know he did it, he said he did it. The rest of it...Stay tuned,this hasn't even go to trial yet.

elle7777 elle7777

Eh, I don't really care if she was having sex with the whole rugby team. Still no excuse for murder.

tuffy... tuffymama

Why even speculate? There is no excuse for murder. None.

nonmember avatar Momo

Hopefully, someone will murder him in ail or he'll commit suicide...please not another OJ trial

bills... billsfan1104

Joan Rivers said "he doesn't have a leg to stand on" hahahhahahahhahgah

kelti... kelticmom

Omg bills. That's awful. So deliciously awful. *snicker*

PonyC... PonyChaser

Whatever happened to the notion of 'innocent until proven guilty'?

I may *think* this guy is guilty as sin, but no evidence has been released. Everything right now is speculation. So I won't be jumping to any conclusions.

kelti... kelticmom

Pony, I think the "innocent until proven guilty" kind of flew out the window the minute he admitted he shot her.

bills... billsfan1104

Keltic, I laughed my ass off when I read her Facebook post when she said that.

nonmember avatar Ezou

RIP--never dream the dream before reality teaching one to know a person before you date them. But my she rest in peace; and blade runner should stop being a coward now and man-up to his evil doing. He should pay for it--life in prison.

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