Alec Baldwin's Wife Sued for 'Bloody' Yoga Class Accident

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Hilaria BaldwinI never considered yoga a dangerous sport, but you learn something new every day. Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin is being sued for a yoga accident that happened at her downtown Manhattan studio last month. No I did not say ice hockey, I said yoga. This is Hilaria Baldwin, after all. You can imagine how sardines-like one of her yoga classes would be, especially since she only charges $10 per person for this particular "Flow" class. But don't go racing down to Union Square so fast, as these classes sound more stressful than relaxing. When Spencer Wolf, a 32-year-old literature student, attempted a handstand in her class last month, the only space he could find was up against the wall. And when he went off balance, he accidentally fell against a window, shattering it and tearing his legs to shreds. He says it's all Hilaria's fault.

The suit alleges Thomas put students in a position of “extreme danger” by letting them “exceed a safe and/or maximum allowable number of persons.”

I always thought it was really cool that Hilaria, who is also pregnant now, continued to give her classes even after she got married to a big celebrity and basically became a celebrity herself. With all the crazies out there, I'd imagine she'd need some type of security detail to keep an eye on things while she was alone at her studio, especially since her husband is having his own issues with a stalker.

According to Wolf's lawsuit, Hilaria Baldwin had allowed way too many people into her yoga class, exceeding the legal safe limit, with only inches between each mat. When Wolf's handstand went wrong, his legs smacked against the window, shattering it and sending shards outside to the street, as well as tearing up his leg. People ran up from the street asking who was pushing out the windows, and someone in the studio reportedly yelled, "It's your fault, It's your fault!" to Hilaria, who was concerned enough to ride in the ambulance with Wolf to the hospital.

Now Wolf fears he's permanently disabled because of the accident, his foot is supposedly pointed forward and he's wearing a boot.

If Hilaria Thomas did in fact exceed students in that room she shares a part of the blame -- but you would think Wolf would have had the sense not to attempt a handstand near glass. I mean, it's mind OVER body, yoga people.

Do you think Hilaria is solely at fault here?

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nonmember avatar Ash

It is not solely her fault that her class exceeded the amount of persons allowed. Normally when registering classes like this, you have to go to a rec center of some sort. It would have been an employee's responsibility to inform whoever that the class was full. I highly doubt Hilaria was taking cash at the door.

Also, no one forced the guy to take the class. That was his choice. He didn't have to do the handstand that caused this..

nicol... nicolemead91

No not her fault. but he shouldnt have been allowed to do a handstand up against a window! wtf was this ass thinking?? i find her only partially at fault cuz he was allowed to do such a stupid move in her studio!!

Angie... AngieHayes

Well, thats just ridiculous... I have been to many yoga classes, gotten into some pretty crazy positions, lost my balance, and fell... I didn't sue anyone, it is not there fault people could possibly fall. This guy sounds like an ass.

bills... billsfan1104

When I do yoga, I do not do things I know I cannot do, like a handstand

Misty... Misty.Dawn

wow. So hes suing her for him not having common sense?! A handstand by a window... Really? My 6 yr old knows you dont do stupid stuff like that...theres no reason a 32 yr old shouldnt know that.

nonmember avatar michelle

anyone that takes yoga should know it has its risks. As does driving, walking etc etc.
That room was NOT at capacity-it often has more students. Part of yoga is the raising of your body awareness and also the bodies that may be next to you (or in this case window). While it was a stupid choice to be so close to a window it is NOT the instructors responsibility for his choice. It was an unfortunate incident and he is obviously looking to benefit due to her celebrity. If he were in my class he'd likely not pursue it seeing as how I own nothing but the clothes on my back!

nonmember avatar ViannaR

This man should consider that he made the decision to do a handstand near a glass window that he could crash into. It's too bad he's hurt, but I don't see by any stretch how this is the fault of the instructor.

Nycti... Nyctimene

"Now Wolf fears he's permanently disabled because of the accident, his foot is supposedly pointed forward"

Erm...isn't your foot supposed to be pointing forward? ;-) It's when they start pointing backwards or inwards that you really have worry.

He sounds like a whiner. Wait for a second until someone finishes and use their spot or just skip that exercise then if there's no more room except by windows, open doorways, open pits of sulfuric acid, etc.

Suzy Mrla

Well he is old and gross...I would not want to see him with his clothes off much less on...she is only with him for a period of financial security..pop out a kid...divorce...big settlement know the story..a familiar young gal is going to want to bed down with an old man rich or not...for nothing...

poshkat poshkat

technically his leg was impaled on a big shard of glass, but he was the one that felt he was falling and turned away from the other yoga students so he would not fall on them and ended up shattering the window. stupid either way.

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