Fifth-Graders Plot to Murder Classmate for 'Being Rude' & 'Making Fun' of Them

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school busYes it's stating the obvious, but something is seriously wrong with our civilization when two 5th-graders bring weapons to  elementary school in a plot to murder one of their classmates. They should not even know what murder is at that age! I know what you are thinking. I have a boy who is nearly 10 and what he says and what he actually does are oftentimes two entirely different things. Could these boys have really gone through with it? Or was this just fifth-grade boys taking their usual smack-talk just a step too far? I considered that until I read how carefully the boys thought all he details through, and now I'm not so sure.

They boys spilled everything to the cops. Each boy had a role: The 11-year-old got the knife, the 10-year-old an ancient but still functional Remington Model 1911 semi-automatic handgun that he got from an older's brothers room. Both boys smuggled the weapons onto their school bus to their elementary school in Colville, Washington, with them last week. A fourth-grader on the bus spotted the knife and told a teacher's aide, and the boys were intercepted before they could carry out their plan.

The boys allegedly told police that they planned to lure a female classmate away from the school, where the older boy would stab her. The younger boy was going to use the gun to prevent anyone else from messing up their plan. It may sound like a silly fantasy on the surface, but when you consider that the boys actually thought the steps through with the end result of stamping out another child's life, all kinds of alarming questions pop into your head.

The boys are being held in a detention center and will appear in court next week, where a judge will give a ruling on their mental capacity and whether they should be tried in a juvenile court. There is no question these boys have been the victim of at least one bully and possibly more, and may have been turning to voilence as a last resort. Didn't anyone see what was happening here? Did the parents or teachers have any idea these boys were having trouble? And what the heck was that older brother doing with an unlocked gun just hanging around in his room for anyone to steal and use?

Thank goodess that other kid saw the knife or this could have been Newtown, Connecticut all over again, on a much different scale, but equally as tragic.

Do you think these fifth-grade boys were actually going to go through with this?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Honestly, I think they were sick and tired of this little bitch picking on them.

abra819 abra819

pinkmani- aw, clearly the most intelligent answer.   Riiight.....

Rosas... RosasMummy

Yeah that's probably right pinkmani, but the idea of children being that violent is still worrying

Mommi... MommietoJB

When these two boys premeditate murder that is more than just getting even with a bully. I hate bullying, I was a victim of it and most of my friends and siblings have dealt with some form of bullying in childhood. Something else must be going on with these two boys. I find it odd that it so happens to be 2 boys wanting to gang up on a girl.

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

I read in another article they threatened to kill whoever told on them "when they get out of jail" also the fact they intended to shoot anyone who tried to stop them makes me believe their intention wasn't to stop a bully. Their intention is to terrorize and murder other children because one other kid was mean to them.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

5th grade?! Wow.

Pinkmani.. pretty much the stupidest comment I've seen on here in a long time. You are what's wrong with our society.

Ally Swarrow

THIS is why parents need to take a more active role in their children's lives. If I knew my child was being bullied by ANYONE I would deal with it, because if something happened, I would be blaming myself.

small... smallfryes

This is why you should not rely on the Stir for your news!! 

Ms. Dermody. your journalistic integrity is sorely lacking, but then, what can one expect from this news source and the choice of their bloggers.

If you read more than one article, you will see that these boys were NOT bullied.  The little girl in question was actually one of the boys 'girlfriends.'  The boy did not like that she was rude to his friend so they 'broke up.' Animosity between 'Ex's' has always been around, even on the playground.  There is no evidence of bullying ANYWHERE.

The fact that you just put blame on an innocent child, the victim, makes me seriously question your ethics.  That was so low, even for a blogger on the Stir.

As for anyone even making fun of this, and thinking this is okay, I have to question your morals and ethics too.  Seriously?  Even if a child is calling another child names, or being annoying, or rude, or 'picking on' another child, something that has gone on forever, you would consider MURDER appropriate?!?!

Wow...just wow.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

These boys are clearly sick in the head and need help and intervention immediately before they grow up to be mass murderers. Now, I'm not one to typically jump to conclusions and blame the parents, but I can't help but wonder what kind of environment these boys were being raised in.

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