Cop Killer Christopher Dorner's Body Positively Identified (Supposedly)

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Authorities say that the charred body of Christopher Dorner, which was found in the burned wreckage of the cabin in the San Bernardino mountains where he'd been holed up for the past few days, has been positively identified as him. Supposedly. Earlier reports say that Dorner's ID had been found near the body, but now dental records confirm it's really him. Supposedly.

Rogue former cop Dorner had been on the lam from cops since he began a revenge-fueled shooting spree against his former men-in-blue brothers. He killed a police captain's daughter and her fiance, as well as another cop, before escaping to the Big Bear mountains, stealing a car, and then breaking into an empty cabin. Amazingly, he then managed to exchange gunfire with local cops, shooting two of them, and killing one.

The cabin he was in caught on fire -- the LAPD denies they did it on purpose (ahem!) -- and a body in the cabin was presumed to be him orrrrr maybe it was some hostage body, or a body he'd planted there awhile ago after he got the idea watching Body Heat, or maybe there's no body at all and the LAPD is just saying there is to save face. After all, it would be pretty embarrassing if they let Dorner slip through their gun-toting fingers again.

There are certainly those who believe Dorner is still alive. He bought scuba diving equipment right before his shooting spree -- what was that for?! There are a lot of people rooting for Dorner because they believe that he was trying to do the right thing -- bring abuse and racism within the LAPD to light. He just got a little, well, carried away. Err, yeah.

I doubt the charred body will quell rumors that Dorner has really escaped and is living on an island somewhere. And maybe ... ? But nahhh. That's gotta be him. I mean, the LAPD says so, right?!

Do you think Dorner is dead?

Image via Associated Press

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lovem... lovemyson1224

Well I think it is disgusting that anyone would cheer him on. While there may be questions about why he was fired each person he MURDERED had nothing to do with it. I don't even think they should reopen his case for review. It will only encourage other people to do the same. Clearly he had mental problems so he shouldn't have been a cop in the first place.

nonmember avatar kat

You know, I'm pretty sure that if the LAPD still thought Dorner was alive, the absolute last thing they'd want to do is cover it up, knowing how merciless Dorner has proven to be. I know that the LAPD is notorious for a lot of bad stuff, but I don't think they're so stupid as to pretend to have caught someone that dangerous if he was still on the loose.

kelti... kelticmom

I'm still in serious doubt about this case. This was a decorated Iraq war veteran, who was honorably discharged and joined the LAPD, only to be fired for bringing excessive force allegations against his fellow officer. And then with the three civillians shot by the LAPD during the man hunt? I wonder if Dorner knew something, much more than was in his "manifesto" and the LAPD just wanted him dead, not captured alive to stand trial, because then he could speak freely. Why else would they open fire on vehicles (the civillians) without warning, or throw explosive gas canisters inside a building where gunfire was being exchanged?

nonmember avatar ChristianMom

C'mon, Kelticmom, you never seemed like the conspiracy theory type. Be rational. If you were unfairly fired from your job, would you go out and start murdering innocent people? This guy clearly had a screw loose and should never have been a cop to begin with. His psychological issues took a while to become clear to you and me, but the LAPD obviously knew that he had a screw loose a long time ago. Keltic, I had so much respect for you until the last week or so, and you're making all kinds of wacko comments now. What happened?

nonmember avatar PhoenixV

I kind of agree with kelticmom in that there is more to this than is being said. I believe he knew something, and either because he was right about what he said in his manifesto regarding the behavior of fellow officers or he knew something else they didn't want him to speak publicly. I don't believe though that he should have killed the innocent people. I just think that all the pieces don't really fit together.

lovem... lovemyson1224

Actually Kelticmom he never was deployed to Iraq. Here is a link to his military records.

BirdCo BirdCo


Did lapd do something to personally offend you or are you this flippant to all police departments?

kelti... kelticmom

ChristianMom, I am not the "conspiracy theory type", I just find the circumstances around this whole mess to be suspicious. I never said I don't believe that he was justified in shooting his fellow officers, and I don't.  He is absolutely guilty of murder. But I don't understand why the LAPD just wanted him dead so badly that there was no attempt to bring him in alive. I think they are covering something. Lovemyson, initially they were saying he was an Iraq vet, now just that he was deployed to Bahrain. And sorry to disappoint you Christianmom apparently, but I am not a "cookie cutter" person. I may be pro-life, but I am also pro-marriage equality. I am a Libertarian, I prefer to look at ALL sides of an issue before voicing my opinion. Sometimes that make the Right happy, sometimes the Left, sometimes I piss off everyone. But that's just me.

Serab... Serabelle

honestly, as long as the body is his, I don't care if the police did start the fire or push him back into the burning building. He MURDERED 4 people, 2 of which weren't even cops, 1 of those who wasn't even related to a cop! No matter what happened to him, his actions are inexcusable. It's better he died than having the state pay for his trial and putting him in jail and having to pay those costs. If he was truly innocent of the issues that he got fired for, there are better ways to go about it. How about a book deal, a tell all about he LAPD? Publishers would have eaten that up! It would have gotten his story out and then brought attention to the issues he was insinuating about. But no, he chose violence and therefor, to me, he deserves to die.

nonmember avatar Mooseymom

While I feel the guy was nuts and he murdered innocent people, I don't think it's up to the police to just decide guilt and kill people. Sorry Serabella but the day the citizens of this country think its ok for police to go about executing people and not allowing them a judge and jurry of their peers we are in a lot of trouble!

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