Stepfather of '9-Year-Old' Girl Who Gave Birth Admits to Fathering Baby

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baby handThe 9-year-old girl who allegedly gave birth last month in a Mexican hospital may not be as young as originally reported. After authorities dug a little deeper, it's now believed Dafne is at least 12 or 13, or even as "old" as 15, says one doctor.

It was Dafne's mother who first claimed her daughter was impregnated when she was 8-years-old by her 17-year-old boyfriend, but it's becoming more and more clear that may not be the case. The mother's husband, Dafne's 44-year-old stepfather, has admitted to having sex with the girl on a couple of occasions and has revealed he's the father of her child.

He's now in police custody and will be charged with child molestation for the alleged rape of his step-daughter.

The circumstances under which Dafne's birth certificate were obtained are shady -- her mother filed for one in 2011, claiming Dafne was born in 2003, making her 9. The validity of that claim is still under investigation.

Dafne's story continues to get sadder, though, believe it or not. Neighbors told MailOnline that Dafne's mother may have lied about her daughter's age for two reasons: One, because Dafne was never in school, and her mother wanted to enroll her daughter for the first time -- a feat more likely accomplished if her daughter was 8 or 9.

Or two, because Dafne's mother, an alleged prostitute, wanted to sell her daughter as a 9-year-old in the sex trade and was motivated to shave off a few years since, apparently, there's a bigger prize for girls younger than 12 or 13-years-old.

Anyone else sick to their stomach right now?

To say Dafne's story is heartbreaking or gut-wrenching is an understatement. Even though she may not have been 8 when she was impregnated, is 12 or 13 any better? Doctor's still deemed her body too young to handle a vaginal birth and had to perform a C-section. This girl was still, in fact, a child, no matter how you calculate it.

It's hard to find a silver lining to this story, but I suppose the fact that the stepfather is behind bars is a small one, and the fact that international light has been shed on Dafne's story is perhaps a slightly bigger one.

Because the more people invested in learning more about what happened and how to consequently keep this child who had a child safe from further abuse and danger, the better.

Do you think it makes a difference whether she's 9 or 12?


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sand008 sand008

No it doesn't, he raped a child and on top of that her mother lies to the cops to protect him!?! Are you kidding me.

handy... handy0318

Nope...9 or 12, this child was still raped and the adults in her life are failing her miserably.  Hopefully both the so-called "mother" and step-"father" can languish a long time in Mexico's prison system.

CPN322 CPN322

It does not make a difference as far as punishing the sick man that slept with her.

Christina McKee Bathan

Bring them here, Let "dad" in the cell with Big ole Bubba, and have Bubba school him on the ways of rape... and the same with Momma with Bertha... I have Zero nada nil sympathy for the parents here, that poor girl, not only is she still a baby, and her body is normally going through changes, and had to go through all this....

nonmember avatar natasha

it would all be the same if she was 40 & got raped by her step dad & he got her pregnant. It isnt right no matter the age difference.

nonmember avatar angela guthrie

Whatever her age is, it's irrelevant. Her step dad needs to b put in a prison where child molesters get what they deserve..and how come no one's saying anything about charging the mom. I'll never believe she didn't know. She's as guilty as he is but maybe worse. As a mother your most important role in life is to protect your child. It makes me sick and in these cases I believe in corporeal punishment and the death penalty so they can never hurt anyone again.

nonmember avatar denise

She needs to be in jail too........... Ihope tha best for thatlil girl regardless tha age she's still a baby and both parents need to rott in hell.

nonmember avatar Claudette

Why is everyone so upset only about this child who had a child in Mexico, when this happens in the United States all of the time? Yet no one will say that it is a travesty with our own young children as well who are dealing with the same issues in their lives!

Heath... HeatherMazzone

So where is the girl now? And her baby? What will happen to them?

Stacey Dyess Stone

I believe both the mother and stepfather should be in prison for life. It doesn't matter what the childs age is she is just a child. And now she can not have any children of her own because the doctors made sure of that. She has no control over her life and the ones who were suppose to protect her did not. It is so sad and breaks my heart. I hope the so called parents rot in hell.

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