Couple's Surprise Wedding on 'GMA' Was More of a Nightmare Than Dream Come True (VIDEO)

flash wedding GMATV has no shame pulling whatever reality stunt they can to get our attention these days. Especially when it comes to weddings.  So obviously, Good Morning America hosting a flash proposal, flash wedding "planning" for the bride, and then, flash nationally televised wedding for Valentine's Day should come as no surprise.

The "lucky" couple, Melissa Cohn and Brian Bondy, rushed into their relationship pretty quickly, jetting to Fiji together after only having dated two weeks! Therefore, GMA made it like having an on-the-spot wedding was right in line with this couple's way of doing things. And it's not clear if Melissa was actually aware that Brian signed them up for this contest. But even if she was, I just can't see how any bride could possibly, really be pleased with having just 30 minutes to fake "plan" a pre-packaged, completely contrived, live TV wedding.


I mean, 30 minutes to "plan" your wedding?! Even though Melissa was able to choose dresses from Kleinfelds (so many brides' dream), she only had her pick of four that were chosen for her based on what she had put on one of  her wedding Pinterest boards. (Yes, she has several!) Even though Melissa was able to choose cakes created by Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss, there were just three cakes to choose from -- again, also inspired by her Pinterest. And we all know that what we pin isn't necessarily what we end up loving in real life ...

Nonetheless, Melissa said:

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a 10 right now, but a very shocked 10. This is amazing. It doesn't happen to people every day.

This is true ... Still, I can't help but think there was a least a part of her that was disappointed. Bummed that she missed out on the process of choosing her own bridesmaids, real wedding dress shopping, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, etc. Sure, the planning process can be extremely stressful. But it's also a very personal experience with a payoff that's supposed to be extremely satisfying because it's all yours. Not a morning show's!

Hopefully, Melissa is able to think of this flash wedding as a really big proposal stunt -- and go on to have the real wedding of her dreams that she and Brian plan. Because to have anything less seems more like a bride's worst nightmare than her dream come true.

Here's the proposal ...



Would you have wanted to be in Melissa's shoes yesterday?


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