Carnival Cruise Ship Full of Raw Sewage Returns With 'Vacationers' Full of Rage (VIDEO)

carnival triumph

The Carnival cruise ship that's been powerless and stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, AKA the SS Vacation From Hell, has finally made its way back to land. Last night, at around 10:15 p.m., passengers began to disembark the Carnival Triumph in Mobile, Alabama; the last "vacationer" exiting the ship at 1:00 a.m. Some people were seen kissing the ground after they arrived in the U.S. Others, understandably, are still reeling from the ordeal.

And, um, kind of can't blame them. Sleeping in a tent and raw sewage running down the walls -- not exactly a rejuvenating getaway.

One passenger, Brandi Dorsett was especially pleased to be back home, as she was on the cruise with her mother, a diabetic, who reportedly got poor treatment while they were stranded. Dorsett told ABC: "My mother is a diabetic, and they would not even come to the room because she cannot walk the stairs to help her with insulin. She hasn't had insulin in three days." Another passenger, Veronica Arriaga, is insulted by Carnival's attempt to reimburse them: "It's degrading," she said. "Demoralizing, and then they want to insult us by giving us $500."

After the ship docked, people on board began chanting, "Let me off! Let me off!" and sang "Sweet Home Alabama." One sign from someone waiting for their loved ones to disembark read: "Happy V-Day", while another read, "The ship's afloat, so is the sewage."

Ugh, this whole thing is just a nightmare. And while I don't think Carnival needs to pay off these people's mortgages, I don't think a voucher for another cruise is enough, based on the simple face that -- if you were on this cruise, why on earth would you want to take another one from Carnival? And unrelated side note: How much would it suck to have used up vacation days from work for this hot mess? Man, I'd be pissed.

Thankfully, everybody on the ship is safe. That's what matters most. But hot dog, what a shitty way to spend a week away. Pun intended(ish).

What would you want from Carnival if you were on this cruise?




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mande... manderspanders

I don't think I really believe that that woman didn't have insulin for 3 days... if she were insulin dependent, and didn't have access to appropriate nutrition, they would have had a medical emergency on their hands.  I'm sure many people will exaggerate their stories to get more sympathy (and money)... as well tend to do to some degree when something bad (or good) happens to us.

That being said, I think Carnival should reimburse the cost of the cruise, and probably offer reimbursement of any lost vacation time/wages/etc.  I'm sure someone will sue.  But the reality is that something like this could happen on any cruise line.  I just don't understand why they couldn't have sent another ship or something to unload the passengers well before they got to land?

miche... micheledo

Yeah, I have a hard time believing that about the diabetic woman. Even if she usely has it daily, she seems to have managed ok without it. Though I admittedly don't have al lthe facts. My husbamd and I were talking about this yesterday. Seriously, what is a cruise line supposed to do? You are in a contained space in the middle of the ocean. Something goes wrong. A ship to ship transfer can be very dangerous - so do you risk lives? Besides, how long would it take to get a boat there and transfer everyone? Who would go first? You cannot fly a plane in? What is the solution? It seems like they did what they could in the situation. And I am sure the staff was even more miserable, yet stil ltrying to work. I guess my point is, this is a possibility when yo utake a cruise.

nonmember avatar Kimberly

It's my understanding that not only are the passengers getting a free future cruise, they are getting full reimbursement for this one plus any onboard expenses excluding souvenirs, plus $500. I, as a past Carnival guest, think that's adequate. Yes, it sucked. The fact is, this type of thing can happen on any vacation, with any company. It's life. Carnival shouldn't have to go bankrupt trying to fix it.

momof... momof1teengirl

They are refunding the full cost of the cruise, offering discounts on future travel, and providing $500 to get to their car, and helping with transportation to get them to the cars.  What else are they supposed to do?  They had an impossible situation.  And the insulin?  I doubt it seriously.  If she truly needed insulin and didn't get it for 3 days, major medical problem. 

RMT1995 RMT1995

There will always be people looking for something to complain about to get something free. Those people will not be happy with ANYthing Carnival offers, because they'll want more.

While it would have sucked to have been on that ship, according to John Heald (a well-known CD for Carnival, who I follow on FB), he said that all passengers are getting fully refunded, a free future cruise, all on board spending refunded (minus casino charges, there's no way to track that since it's cash), hotel and transportation provided for free upon return, refunded anything they're out for missed transportation (such as flights) AND $500. I think they're doing what they can ... Some people will be grateful and thankful, some super greedy sue-happy people will complain and make stuff up to see what more they can get. 

da_mi... da_miranda

I went to a beach hotel w/some friends,and have our body dirty with sand & ocean water & the whole hotel room water broken down..dont think to have a bath, we use mineral gallon to wash our body up.We were laughing bout it,but some older guests were very angry & all the hotel managementcould offer were only voucher for their next visit..!?! I also heard some people who were offered voucher for their next flight bcause their particular flight were canceled. Maybe it is easier for any company to give voucher instead of real money,so it wouldnt ruin their accounting

DebaLa DebaLa

If Carnival wants to earn more business, they will have to do better than $500 and a few extras. They know they have a legal — not just a PR — situation on their hands. That's why the lowball offer: they know some will accept it and go away, the rest they brace for lawsuits and huge ad campaigns. SOP.

DebaLa DebaLa

Further, offers of more are interpreted as admissions of guilt to more serious allegations, eg: known unattended mechanical problems, broken protocols in a maritime emergency, safety and sanitation issues = more fines. Not to mention potential for criminal allegations. All of which will be cleared up in the inevitible investigation.

Véronique Houde

I personally used to work for Carnival. They're not perfect, but an engine fire is definitely not something that they could have planned for. The safety regulations are uber strict onboard. It's not a case of negligence. They did what they could. I have a difficult time believing the story about insulin. The doctors and nurses onboard are absolutely amazing and would not have been allowed by law to not treat this patient had her condition be in serious need. And yes, the staff must be absolutely exhausted, you can't imagine how it is when there is an emergency onboard. That being said, there are no other ships to be deployed to "save the crew" since they are all booked and packed. They did what they could in order to send tugboats. Sucky situation, but Carnival went above and beyond with their offer of reparation - they rebooked everyone's flights and payed for them themselves. They reimbursed the cruise, the passengers get an extra one, they got 500$ and all of the stuff they spent (which is usually pretty hefty) has been credited. I get the sense that some of these people would never have been satisfied. Imagine the financial toll that Carnival will be taking getting the passengers accomodated and then on top of that, fixing the ship, plus the missing income from all of the cancelled cruise, plus the docking fees, plus the employee salaries... And this is the second time in three years that one of their ships has an electrical fire and is stranded! Imagine that...

nonmember avatar Lindsey

As a "common carrier" under the law, Carnival is looking at a hefty suit. Carnival knows it bears the risk of an issue happening at sea, like any other hotel or airline. Hence, they are attempting to get people to settle and reduce their damages in court. Whether or not this was negligence is something the court will investigate. Any person who claims to know what the engineers did or did not do is simply making major assumptions.

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