Bigfoot's DNA Discovery Raises Some Hairy Eyebrows

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bigfootIf you want to believe geneticist Melba Ketchum, there now exists empirical evidence that Bigfoot does, in fact, exist, and that he is a hybrid between Homo sapien and a more primitive primate species from about 15,000 years ago. Ketchum has researched North America's legendary and elusive Sasquatch for five years and insists that the DNA samples she and her team have collected from over 14 states and two Canadian provinces are unique and do not match that of any other species on Earth today.

The only thing is, no scientific journal would publish the findings. Well, every journal refused, but one. The DeNovo Journal of Science decided to share the study with its readers ... the only thing is, it's becoming more and more likely that Ketchum started the "journal" herself, and only a few days ago.

To say it's not "peer reviewed" nor validated is an understatement.

But! Who are we to rain on Bigfoot's parade? Maybe the huge, hairy, beastly man-type creature is out there leaving DNA all over the place, and maybe Ketchum is the only one clever enough to track it down.

Sure, other "scientists" are saying that the supposed genetic samples from Bigfoot had to have been "contaminated" since "amateurs" with "no forensic training" had collected the data, but psssh. What's a little human spit on a sample when Bigfoot's realness is at stake?

And yeah, so what if some fancy-pants professor at fancy-pants NYU points out that 15,000 years ago, humans were humans, that there weren't "primates" for us to breed with in the time frame Ketchum has flagged. No biggie. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion on proven history.

And everyone's entitled to either believe, or not believe. That is the Sasquatch.

Do you think Bigfoot is real?


Photo via JD Hancock/Flickr

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handy... handy0318

Of course Bigfoot is real!  She's living in a cave in northeast Washington and has a love child with Elvis!

nonmember avatar MarrsAttax

How about people read the paper and make up their own minds? Science should make conclusions based on the presented evidence not by proclamation or appeals to authority. The paper is either correct or it is not, the way it has been published will not change that fact.

Cory Albrecht

MarrsAttax: Actually, how it is publish is of importance. Peer-review is a mainstay of sceince for a reason - people evaluate your reserach to see if they can find any mistakes in your methodology, if you made any conclusions which do not follow from the data, etc... Buying your own journal to publish your paper is doing an end-run around the peer-review process and and shows a lack of willingness to have your work critiqued by relevant experts. Basically, it shows dishonesty.

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