Burned Body in Cabin Believed to be Fugitive Christopher Dorner Who Was Wanted for Four Murders

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Christopher DornerChristopher Dorner, the fugitive accused of killing four people on a rampage across California, is believed dead in a cabin in Big Bear Lake, California. The former officer of the LAPD was angry about his dismissal from the force following a situation in which he accused a fellow officer of police brutality.

After a shootout with police, a charred body was found inside a cabin in which Dorner had been holed up. They have reason to believe the body is that of Dorner. This ends a more than week long hunt for the fugitive believed to have shot Monica Quan, 28, the daughter of the lawyer who defended him against accusations of lying and her 27-year-old fiance, Keith Lawrence. He then killed two more officers of the law during his run.

Quan and Lawrence were shot in the parking garage of their condo after Dorner sent out a "manifesto" in which he said: "I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, I'm terminating yours" presumably directed at Quan.

He also had a lot to say about the LAPD in general. He said they have not changed since the days of Rodney King and that the people involved in such corruption and racism have only been promoted.

The fact is, in his sick and twisted, chilling manifesto, he made some good points. He gave examples of rampant racism and listed them out. Wisely, some even say.

Unfortunately, this sick rampage has undone any good he might have done. It does not matter if he thinks the LAPD is racist when he is allegedly SHOOTING and killing people over it. Any good point a person ever has is undone when they resort to violence. Period. End of story.

It's a shame. From what I have read, it seems possible that Dorner WAS unfairly dismissed. But there has to have been a better way for him to deal with it. There had to be other channels through which he could pursue justice.

This is just such a waste. Five people (including the person believed to be Dorner) are dead now. His point is lost in a hail of gun fire and aggression. Violence is never the answer. Now it just seems that the LAPD was justified in dismissing a man who was clearly unstable and dangerous and who never should have been armed as an officer of the law.

What did this fix? Nothing. His name is not cleared. No one cares if he lied or not since he is accused of killing four people. What a waste. What a sick, sick, tragic waste.

If only there had been a way to prevent it.

Do you think violence is ever justifiable?


Image via Irvine Police Department

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bills... billsfan1104

For any of you to say he had a point, is despicable.

the4m... the4mutts

The local news from that area said they SUSPECT his body is in there, but that its still too hot to sift through the rubble as of 8 pm last night. It might be a couple days before they find anything, then they would have to take another couple days to verify the identity of any body that may be found.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

There was also 1 kinda out there article accusing the authorities of seeing the man run out the back door, then pushing him back into the fire.

kelti... kelticmom

I don't know what to think of this. This was a man who had served our country in Iraq, won several medals, was honorabley discharged, joined the LAPD, only to be fired when he brought excessive force accustations against a fellow officer. Now we all know the LAPD has a questionable background, hell, they have shot what, 3 civilians in this pursuit of Dorner? He absolutely is 100% WRONG for shooting his fellow officers, but part of me thinks this is a man who has seen so much in war and on the streets that he snapped. Horrifically. And I wonder if the LAPD just wanted him dead, so that he would not have the opportunity to stand trial and say anything else.

the4m... the4mutts

Kelticmom- i agree completely with everything you said. Especially with the one article I mentioned that claimed an officer pushed him back into the burning building.


Oh, here's the article that states no body has been found yet.


Good points Keltic and 4mutts,but this guy has had a blame game going all the way back to grade school. Everybody's "done'um" wrong. Granted LAPD has done a lot effed up stuff,we all know there are dirty cops but we also know people who have been fired and didn't go on a hunting spree.

nonmember avatar Andrea

Sasha, he didn't think he had any other options. That's why he resorted to violence. He appealed the decision within the LAPD organization, and then went through the civilian court system and I believe went as high as the California Supreme court (I think, I read the manifesto several days ago). This is a man who lost his job, his family, and his honor; and he believes it was unfairly taken from him. With no other recourse, and with nothing to lose, he took the only action he knew would get attention. I certainly don't condone his actions at all, but do you think anyone would be talking about the LAPD if he hadn't started killing people?

nonmember avatar kevobx

Tell the truth, is truthfully speaking. Soon as you say honest, you are honestly lying, not knowing things do not love you back.

nonmember avatar Deshawn Smith

He was a good man !They fired him for no good reason ok he snaped but he has been through alot! I feel for him ! Because getting fired for no good reason changed him!

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