105-Year-Old Zen Buddhist Master Accused of Groping Women -- For 50 Years!

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Imagine living until 105. That's amazing!! Seriously, you must be doing something right if you live for over a century and can still manage to feed yourself. Oh, and you still somehow have enough energy to grope women. What?! A 105-year-old Zen Buddhist master has been accused of groping women in his teaching sessions for at least 50 years! First, I'm shocked to hear this about a Zen Buddhist -- Buddhism is all about controlling your reactions and impulses. Buddhist masters are supposed to be masters of their minds. But apparently this one couldn't master his hands!

One-hundred-five-year-old Joshu Sasaki has been accused by an independent council of Buddhist teachers of harassing women for 50 years ... and they also admitted they ignored it. Another Buddhism no no! Buddhism is all about being ruthlessly honest. And not harming any living creatures. What gives here?! So disappointing.

Apparently the accusations first came to light when Sasaki was 90 -- a young whippersnapper, comparatively speaking. Reportedly, female students said that the master would touch their breasts during Zen sessions, asked one to "massage his penis," and said this was all necessary to "check a woman's strong ego." But nothing was done then. It took a letter published on a popular Zen website for an investigation to be launched. Wrote a former student of the master:

His career of misconduct has run the gamut from frequent and repeated non-consensual groping of female students during interview, to sexually coercive after hours 'tea' meetings, to affairs and sexual interference in the marriages and relationships of his students. For decades, Joshu Roshi’s behaviour has been ignored, hushed up, downplayed, justified, and defended by the monks and students that remain loyal to him.

Sheesh, this sounds more like something that would go on in the priesthood, not the Buddhisthood! Well, there are bad apples in every religion. But this guy definitely was not understanding the precepts of Buddha. Buddha said "Om" not "Ohhh!!!"

Amazing how some men never give up -- at 105, you'd think his testosterone levels would have petered out by now. I would hate to be this guy's karma.

Can you believe such an old man was sexually harassing women?

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Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

Well that explains why he's a "master" at being in an enlightened state of mind and body...LOL. On a serious note, sexual harassment is wrong yet possible at any age as long as there is adequate circulation and or mind.I'm honestly not surprised by his age at all, but am more shocked at the fact that he's still alive after 100 years and also disappointed that the Buddhist spiritual leaders that knew about his violations did nothing about it.

baham... bahamamama61

I can't believe this!

Vegeta Vegeta

Roshi-sa not groping women would be more weird. This is normal where I'm from lol.

nonmember avatar melissa

My old neighbor (95) is a gropy dirty old man. No its a mentality more then a testosterone thing I think.

nonmember avatar Sfwwfc@gmail.co

Of course a bunch of western moms with little knowledge of buddhism would fail to understand that that is the ultimate test of a womans ego. keep in mind this wasnt a catholic priest propositioning a child, both parties were adults. there women could have easily found another temple to join if they didnt like his behavior.

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