Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds' Family Says She's Dead So Why Won't Cops?

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Ayla ReynoldsWhen Ayla Reynolds, then 20 months old, went missing from her father's home in Maine in the middle of the night in December 2011, we all hoped the nightmare would be over quickly for her family. But now here we are, more than a year later, and not only has Ayla not back home, but her family's been delivered a staggering blow.

Ayla's step-grandfather has come out to say that his granddaughter is dead. What's more, he says his family has been forbidden from discussing how they know the little girl is gone.

Confused? It sounds like everyone is.

Police in Maine said late last year that it was "unlikely" that Ayla was still alive. Depressing but not definitive. There was at least a little room for hope there.

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But now Jeff Hanson, step-father of Ayla's mom, Trista Reynolds, is saying there is no hope. On the website the family has maintained for the little girl, Hanson said the state has "unequivocal" evidence that Ayla died a year ago, noting that a $30,000 reward once offered for the girl's return has been withdrawn. He says the family found this out last month when they met with the police.

The cops, on the other hand, won't talk. They won't comment on Hanson's statement, not even on his claims that the family has been forbidden from talking so they don't jeopardize the case.

Procedurally, it all makes sense. Police tend to tell families things that they don't want out because they realize the family needs answers.

But put yourself in the Reynolds/Hanson clan's shoes. They can't even talk about whether or not the little girl is really dead? How do you move on from that? How do you possibly get closure?

Either the child is dead or she's not. Is it really fair to force this family to keep pretending they don't know?

Have you been following Ayla's case?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


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porte... porterrose08

I don't care if the mother is a junkie! She is still a mother! With a disease addiction don't just go away. People are so quick to judge. Especially funny that most of you judgmental people claim to be Christian! Ha! I have experience with addiction and i still loved and love my kids! I am sober now and have been for a long time but never did my kids get less love because of my disease. Doctors are so quick to prescribe medications and it's pretty easy for anyone to become dependent on the medication you trust is ok. I'm sorry i just can't stand judgmental people I'm not saying this chick is a saint but who are we to judge her.

porte... porterrose08

I just hope justice is served and I'm keeping the family in my prayers.

JHH123 JHH123

Is not the father still a father who loves his child? Doing the right thing and caring for his child in a time that the mother could and would not, yet he stands judged by many. People jump to the father did it,  when that may not be the case.  Who are we to judge the father? He has not profited from the loss of his child, nor has he made this a public spectacle as she has.  Religion does not have a thing to do with this case at all, but since you are so quick to judge porterrose, I am not nor have I ever been Christian. As far as disease, I have never met a person that wakes up and says I'm gonna have cancer today, Drug addicts wake up and make the decision to use, and in that scued decision making mindset also neglect or can not care for their children while using, no it does not mean they do not love their children it means they love the drugs more.  

nonmember avatar Jess

I agree with JHH123. Drug addiction is a CHOICE, NOT A DISEASE. I don't care if it was a prescription or not, its still your choice to put that substance in your body, knowing fully that you are addicted to it or may become addicted to it. Wake up people.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Of course they want her declared dead, how else can they claim her life insurance?

JHH123 JHH123

Well said Jess.  Good point kaerae. 

porte... porterrose08

Ignorance is bliss. Not everyone keeps taking the medication once they realize they are dependent that's when they realize it's a problem and stop.I'm amused by people who think they got it all figured out. I never get on these things and i see why. Snotty women who think they are better than everyone else!

nonmember avatar Dana

First of all if you followed this case at all...DHS removed the child from the Mothers family while the Mother was in rehab. And really what difference does it make where she was living?? And NO she wasnt investigated many times by DHS...her SISTER was. SMFH...seriously get facts right before you go spouting your mouth off!!! And she wasnt a drug addict junkie, she was a mother with a substance abuse problem AND she was getting help for it. This woman has been through enough! God forbid she has to see the venom you spew!!! No respect or empathy at friggin all!!

nonmember avatar Dana

And another thing, she has not signed any book deals or movie deals..thats Casey Anthony!! Good grief!! You disgust me!!!

Grace Wilson

Makes no sense. Cops have been saying she is dead since May. What has changed now?


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