It's Raining Spiders (Seriously) & The Terrifying Footage Will Ruin Your Week (VIDEO)

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spider rainSpiders. Agh. Just the word conjures up the heeby jeeby creepy crawly shivers for some of us. And in Brazil? Spiders are actually raining down on a town by the thousands. Memo to self: Skip that second trip to Brazil next year.

Erick Reis, a 20-year-old Brazilian, was leaving a party in the Brazilian town of Santo Antonio da Platina when he saw thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of spiders raining down from the sky. Oh. My. God. The video has since gone viral. And for good reason. It is some seriously harrowing footage.

If you hate spiders like I do, be warned: This will give you the shivers for weeks. See below:

Are you still breathing? Get this: It's real. Really, really real. And it happens more than we think. 

The Anelosimus eximius spider is a "social" spider from South America. They build colonies of more than 1,000 spiders, and on occasion, high winds carry the webs into new places, creating an effect known as "spider rain." At first glance, that was the species these spiders appeared to be.

But an arachnologist from the University of Cincinnati says otherwise. He believes the spiders are "big, orb-weaving spiders" called Parawixia bistriata and that they leave the nest at some point. In other words, these spiders plan to disperse. And reproduce.

Someone hold me. Please. I am not kidding.

As I type this, I am ACTUALLY getting the chills. OK, look. I know being scared of spiders is silly and they are more afraid of us and blah, blah. But it's a very real phobia and I am legitimately terrified of the creatures.

Maybe I can be rational about sharks. But spiders? No way. If this happened to me, I would seriously have to be committed.

Luckily, these spiders aren't poisonous. But poisonous or not, my skin will crawl for weeks.

How would you feel about "spider rain"?


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Mayra Arellano

spiders don't scare me much but if it were mice i'd have a heart attack

Yolanda Ceballos Gilbride

I really would have freaked out more if there where spiders hanging off the jungle gym.

LilyCT LilyCT

I don't know how they stood outside long enough to shoot that video

Mary Ann Johnston

I got a chill...and all the spiders made me itch...part of the chill?  IDK..but wow.

Pamelann Bramlettine

Oh please people, we now know that frogs and fish etc, can be carried up into the atmosphere and rain down somewhere else, simple, NOT! a phenomenome  (crap! spell)   Wake up people, it's pure sience....k?  K!!!!   ......;)


Anita Asbury Smith

If I walked outside and saw this I would NEVER be able to leave my house again. That is seriously creepy.

Looki... Looking4Truth

I absolutely HATE spiders!  Big spiders, little spiders, minuscule hard to see spiders.....I HATE THEM ALL!!!  Ok, so I have arachnophobia.  If I ever saw even one spider dropping down from above, I'd be moving far away and fast.  If I couldn't move away, I'd use a blow torch to fry all the little beasties before they got within 5 feet of me.  Yuck!  Yes I know that some spiders are very beneficial to the environment and I know that they eat other creepy crawlies, but as long as they stay the heck away from me I leave them alone.  If they get too close, their dead.......although it's my husband who has to kill them.  Yuck.  I hate spiders!

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