Amanda Knox Grants First Interview: 10 Questions We Want Answered

amanda knoxIt's been over a year since Amanda Knox was acquitted of murder, and now, the headline-making 25-year-old who spent four years in an Italian prison has agreed to sit down with ABC's Diane Sawyer for her first televised interview to air during a prime-time special on April 30. Reportedly, Knox will not be paid for the appearance but will, on the other hand, receive a consequent massive amount of press for her book, which is scheduled to come out the same day.

Amanda's case was polarizing. It was one of those trials, like Casey Anthony's, that the public simply devoured. Now, almost five years after Meredith Kercher's murder, we'll get our chance to hear Amanda's side of things. Here's what we hope she'll be asked about:

  1. What does she think of ex-boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito's tell-all book
  2. How'd she feel when she was named one of Maxim's Hot 100? Embarrassed? Proud? Appalled? 
  3. Let's hear her thoughts on the accusation that she was a part of a Satanic ritual, and how she thought the Italian court handled her case. Clearly, after four years in jail, she must have some bitterness toward them, no?
  4. And those rumors she was sexually harassed in prison -- true? False?
  5. What went through her mind when she found out that her parents were going to be on trial in Italy for slandering the Italian police? 
  6. At some point, did she just want to give up? Did she ever want to confess to the crime, even if she was innocent, just so the trial would stop?
  7. How does she respond to the interpretation that she was too carefree after the death of her roommate, which stemmed from her kissing her boyfriend in prison, doing cartwheels, and shopping for underwear?
  8. What was up with that cat-burglar Halloween costume? Was it really a middle-finger to the paparazzi, or was she dressed as a famous (to some, not most) soccer player?
  9. What's her life like now? Did she finish college? Any love interests? 
  10. And last but not least, who does she think killed Meredith Kercher?

 What questions do you want to hear Amanda answer?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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LostS... LostSoul88

I think people just need her leave her alone, its time she lived a normal life.


#2 Really? Good thing Diane will be conducting the interview.

brmull brmull

Those questions aren't even softballs. They're marshmallows. I want to know why she told Italian magazine Oggi that her book sold for $5 million, while the press reported it was $3.8 million. It seems like the discrepancy is a way of disguising ABC's payment for the interview. There is little chance that Knox's book will earn out such a huge advance (her boyfriend's book has sold poorly) so what incentive does she have to do free promo?

I could have a field day asking her about discrepancies in her various statements and testimony, and comparing them to those of Raffaele Sollecito in his diaries and his book. It's so obvious both of them are lying. But if you ask her easy and predictable questions you're just fooling yourself.

P.S. Knox did not finish college. She's been showing her face at school recently after having taking last quarter off to supposedly "write" her (ghostwritten) book.

Jack Dermody

What would she had said and done differently in the early days of investigation? What would she advise students studying abroad in the future? Does she hope she can thoroughly enjoy the fun of being 20-something once again?

brmull brmull

That's right Jack Dermody, if we're lobbing marshmallows, might as well go all the way.

nonmember avatar SandyJ

Just to alert this page, Dr Mull ( brmull) belongs to a hate group on the internet that will not and do not accept the Appeal verdict which found Amanda and Raffaele to be innocent. Not just ' not guilty', but innocent. He along with the few others that spend their days at the site will do anything to spread their hate.
Another thing to bear in mind, Dr B Mull was a licenced MD but has been put on probation for 7 years for attempting to strangle his psychiatrist. The details are on the internet and in fact he alerted his homepage to this himself, in full view of any members of the public who venture in to that place.
A dangerous man.

nonmember avatar Martin B

I would like to ask Amanda how her blood&or/dna came to be mixed with Meredith's in Filomena's room where the break-in was said to have occured. I would also like to ask Amanda if Meredith has caused her to have a bloody nose on the night that she was killed. I would also like to ask Amanda if she stole Meredith's rent money.

nonmember avatar SandyJ

Martin B, Amanda lived in the cottage with Meredith. That their mixed DNA was found is not unusual, but since you seem to have a problem with it consider this. There were 3 or more other male profiles/DNA found on Merediths bra clasp. Do you think these 3 or more men had unfastened that bra clasp? Amanda did not see Meredith the night she was murdered so to be sure Amanda would not have an answer for you about a ' bloody nose'. ( and what bloody nose?) Amanda had 1000,s of $ in her own bank account so why steal from a friend? Rudy Guede stole that money and Rudy Guede murdered and sexually assaulted Meredith Kercher. Alone.

Paweł Bukowski

Amanda is clearly innocent. So is Raffaele.

nonmember avatar buonarotti

I'd like to ask her why she and her mother and her attorney did not free her black boss who she falsely accused of murder? He sat in jail because of her for 2 long weeks while his reputation was trashed because of her false accusation. Why did she lie and accuse him of murder? Why does her boss Patrick Lumumba thinks that she is guilty of being involved in the crime? Does she feel has paid the price with her prison sentence for that lie, and she doesn't owe Lumumba an apology for blaming the black man and ruining his reputation?

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