Murdered Mom Sarai Sierra's 'Marital Strife' Means Nothing (VIDEO)

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Be careful what you post online. Even those uplifting little quotes about love or life can be "interpreted" any which way by the media should you ever make the news. The husband of murdered Staten Island mom Sarai Sierra is probably regretting a series of posts he made on Instagram that the media is now saying is proof of "marital strife." Sarai was found dead in Istanbul after she went there on a solo vacation. Her husband, Steven, posted before she left: "Don’t cheat in relationship(s), if you are not happy then just leave." He also posted, "A real relationship is where you tell each other everything & anything. No secrets, no lies." It's the kind of stuff I see on Facebook all of the time.

The media has had a field day with Sarai's death. I've read that she had sex with a man she'd met on Instagram the day before her death. I also read that the man denies this. The police says he is not a suspect and his DNA doesn't match DNA found on the scene. Yet the media takes every opportunity to describe the man as the "one she had sex with."

I've also read that she was seen with "criminal elements" before her death. Have you been to a foreign country? People follow you around all of the time, wanting to "help you," wanting to be your "guide" -- yammering at you and trying to part you with your money. Just because she was seen with certain people doesn't mean she was really with these people.

And now these messages -- which could mean that Steven maybe suspected his wife of cheating -- or it could mean the exact opposite. That he feels he and Sarai had a good relationship where neither one would cheat. (Another report claims that Steven's brother accused Sarai of wanting to cheat, but at this point, I don't know what to believe.) The day after Sarai left for Turkey, Steven posted a saying on his Instagram account:

Good relationship(s) don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.

He could be describing his relationship -- after all, the two were in constant touch during her time there, he's said.

The media certainly wants to make it out like Sarai must have been up to no good to end up where she ended up. Which is just unfair. No one knows what happened. Since her iPad and phone were missing, it could have easily been a robbery. Why so much determination to blame her?! I guess it's just not a good headline otherwise.

I can't imagine going on vacation, getting killed, and then being ripped apart in the press as an adulterer because I made the "mistake" of meeting up with someone I'd met online (people can meet up for reasons other than sex), and my husband wrote a few things on Instagram. We should all just wait for the facts to come out.

Do you think Steven's online posts mean anything?

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Melan... MelanieJK

Isn't it a little unusual for someone with young kids to vacation that extensively on her own?     Even with the friend who had to cancel it seems unusual.     A long weekend trip to a spa or a close island resort with a friend maybe,   but Turkey?....     So my wild guess would be that there were issues with the marriage but it's a leap to think that translates to trolling for sex with strangers in a foreign country... 

Jay Yaj

THANK YOU!! LOL, the media is INSANE, the tabloids want to sell papers. Millions of people liked those facebook 'relationship pages'. I liked those pages too, never been cheated on, never had relationship issues at all. This will all blow over when the real stories come out. They're bashing a dead woman while not even addressing how killer who is on the loose. Disgusting.

Jay Yaj

And Pix11 and the tabloids and media are DISGUSTING. The accused man's lawyer in Turkey told the press DAYS AGO that his client never had sex with Sarai, they never went to a bar, and that they had coffee and tea at a local coffee shop while talking about photography, and that the story was CREATED by a Turkish tabloid. But the media continues to push this refuted sex story for senationalism and money, I hope they are sued by the family, all of them. 

calig... caligirl009

THANK YOU for posting this. i knew Sarai & know her family - and while she may or may not have been unfaithful, it breaks my heart that her family life is being questioned. her husband is still burying his wife, her kids still lost their mother - and in such a brutal way. it's so sad to see their family go through this in the first place. BUT THEN to have everyone dredged through the mud in the midst of all their grief - it just breaks my heart. she isn't a celebrity, she isn't someone everyone even knew/cared about until she went missing...and now that she's been murdered - it's like the media wants to turn this into a lifetime movie! the details that are coming out are all conflicting - none of them match up or make sense. shouldn't the attention be more focused on how a woman, an american, and a friend was taken from us too soon? 

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I hope repeating that Sarai had sex with her internet friends will result in large lawsuits for defamation. Even when printing it again then trying to clear oneself of a potential defamation claim by stating someone else has said it... won't necessarily clear you.

nonmember avatar Lu

I agree, just lets talk about the facts and forget about the all no senses. Poor kids when they grow up and read what the media is saying. It is sad the way she died, and it does not matter the reason. It is not necessary even to mention if she had marital problems or not, but to find out who did this terrible thing. I was thinking when i watched her video the way she walks is so carefree...who knows what was on her mind...

nonmember avatar CommonSense

1. The social posts by the husband show an obsession with infidelity and troubled marriages. It's like right-wing extremists who always post anti-gay material and then turn out to be - surprise - gay.

2. One half of a married couple traveling along without the kids on a three country journey for several weeks is unusual. Just admit it. Especially when she never traveled outside the US before.

3. She not only met, but stayed with men she only knew from the Internet, according to news reports. This is unwise and unsafe.

4. We can't focus on this "wonderful woman" without exploring why she was taken from us so soon. And that involves questions about why she was where she was and who she associated with.

HollyJD HollyJD

 I am always shocked when folks from New York get hustled, because it's the hustler's capital of the world. She knew what she was doing or was incredibly, incredibly naive. Being from NY herself, don't think that's the case...could be though. That dude from Catfish that was fooled was also from New York.

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