Hungry Fox Drags Napping Baby Out of His Crib

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A fox creeping into a home in search of food.
I never thought of foxes as particularly menacing -- until now.

A wickedly sly fox tried to drag a 4-week-old baby from his crib and bit off his finger in the process. According to reports, the child was having an afternoon nap at home in London when his mother heard screams and a thud on the floor. She entered the room to find a fox trying to flee with the baby. Yes, the animal entered the house, crept into the nursery, and then attempted to drag the infant away. It almost sounds too bizarre to be true.

Immediately it brings to mind the story of Azaria Chamberlain, which was made into a movie. You may recall, her mother (played by Meryl Streep) stood trial for the child's death, all the time insisting, "a dingo stole my baby." Decades later, it was proven that a wild dog did, in fact, kill the child, but there are still dingo doubters out there. Well, this story should make them believers. And unlike the Chamberlain family, who were outside camping when the tragedy occurred, this baby was snug in his cradle. 

Even more shocking -- it's not the first time this has happened. Apparently, London has been overrun by the creatures, who are often spotted scavenging for food and sneaking into homes in search of something to eat. There have been several fox attacks on children reported in recent months, including a little boy who was bitten while he played on a sled. “This sort of attack, though terrible, is rare," said London Mayor Boris Johnson. "But we must do more to tackle the growing problem of urban foxes. They may appear cuddly and romantic, but foxes are a pest and menace, particularly in cities.”

Fortunately for this family, the fox's attempt was thwarted by the mom, who wrestled the baby's hand free from the animal's jaws. Thank goodness doctors were able to reattach the finger that was bitten off. Still, this is incredibly scary.

See more about the brazen fox attacks here:

Have you ever heard of foxes attacking people?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Umm, that's the problem right there! THEY FEED THE FOX!

the4m... the4mutts

Wow! Scary for the family.. glad the baby is okay!

However, calling a fox a pest/menace, thats just insane. As humans, we have claimed a LOT of wilderness as our own. We need to figure out how to live more harmonious with animals like these, instead of just trying to get rid of them.

If we keep it up, we'll just be a nation full of people, and farm animals for eating, with nothing pretty to look at, and no natural balance to nature at all.

Melan... MelanieJK

I've only heard of them attacking humans when they had rabies.     I saw a video on the news of a fox with rabies attacking a guy behind a car repair shop in broad daylight.   I haven't heard of them attacking humans as a potential food!

We can't think it's ok to poison their natural prey,  rats,  mice,  gophers,  etc.  and expect they're not going to look for alternatives.    Usually the alternative is trash and backyard pets though,   not a baby in the house!

corri... corrinacs

I love you mutts LOL.  But you hit hte nail on the head.  The reason this is happening is because we are overtaking thier territory :/.  Sad, but true.

We need to find a better place for them.  They are doing what tehy do best, hunting for food.  That's unfortunate for that baby and I'm glad it was only a finger that was lost.  It could have easily been so much more.

I live in the states and our city has become overrun with these buggers too.  Sometimes they are more pesky than racoons.

LostS... LostSoul88

Glad the baby is okay, if they havea problem sounds like the need to relocate the foxes away from human population. 

Mandy Swanda

Ok.....Last I heard London has been settled for the better part of a Millenia. I don't think this is a problem caused by encroachment by the human population.

hexxuss hexxuss

Agreed mutts - we've taken over THEIR environments... they haven't encroached into ours - we've killed their food sources, took away their land - exactly where do people expect them to go!!?? Can't stick 'em on reservations like we did Indians!!! Humans can be so pretentious & self-serving!!! Very glad the baby is ok tho - that would terrify me as a mom.

Lacey Tierney

Not trespassing on THEIR environment is a wonderful solution to this "problem."

daevans daevans

Liking animals, and having respect for animals are totally different things. If I know my children are in danger by living there, I would either move, or have something done about the animals

AngelaNP AngelaNP

As much as I agree that it could be extremely worrisome. However, is the numbers 'growing' or, are we just starting to really notice the foxes because the human population is growing, thus needing shelter and taking over the habitats. It is positively awful that children are being harmed, but when food becomes scarce, or they're fed to the point they rely on easy food. What do humans really expect?

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