Real-Life Vampire Addicted to Drinking Blood & We're TOTALLY Spooked

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Blood on fingerOK, I'm creeped out. According to scientists in Turkey, a real-life vampire exists. He's a 23-year-old married man who allegedly has an addiction to drinking blood that is as "essential as breathing." While it started with him cutting his own arms, stomach, and chest to collect blood to drink -- it got much worse. The man's been arrested several times for biting and stabbing others solely to collect their blood. And get this: He also had his father get him bags of blood from blood banks. Um, hey dad, THIS ISN'T NORMAL

I want to be in denial. The man, whose name has not been released, was brought in for treatment and diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol abuse, and chronic depression. Now, his behavior is in remission. Clearly something's VERY wrong here.

My first question: Can you imagine being his wife?

I just envision the scene now, his wife hanging out with her girlfriends making dinner when the evening news comes on and a reporter is telling the world about a real-life vampire that just happens to be her husband. AWKWARD. City.

This man had and arguably still has a very serious problem. Reports say that there were a whole slew of traumatic events that lead up to his two-year phase of bloodsucking including the death of his 4-month-old daughter and seeing his uncle and another person get murdered. Those events are absolutely wretched, but I wonder when the switch went off in his head that he thought "Hey, maybe I should try out blood and see if this makes me feel better." And then CRAVING it? It's ... horrifying.

The question arises: if vampires and zombies weren't so sensationalized in pop culture today would this be happening? Who knows. I for one am just happy he's gotten treatment and hope that he never resorts to hurting others to fulfill his addiction ever, ever again.

Can you believe this?? Are you creeped out??


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Coles... Coles_mom

I'm quite sure his wife knows. She's probably very abused

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

This article doesn't gross me out in the least. Haven't you watched "My Strange Addiction" yet? Between the woman who eats her husbands ashes and then another who eats her cat's hair I am not fazed by someone drinking blood...

tuffy... tuffymama

Poor bastard. I wonder what has been done for his mental health? He must have mineral deficiencies. The last person I heard of who was a bloodsucker turned out to be really mentally screwed from a mineral deficiency.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

It is pathetic that anyone is refering to this guy as a "real-life vampire". He is a mentally disturbed young man. Vampires are not real. Sick people who are so twisted in their minds that they do stuff like this are.

Journ... Journeysmama11

Really?! Seriously blaming zombies and vampires in pop culture as the problem?! WOW! There's actually reports of this happening in history...if anyone ever paid attention in their history classes. He has a disorder/underlying issue(s) and it's unrelated to True Blood or the Walking Dead! geesh...

Darkmoons Falcon

Ever hear of Porphyria? It's an actual disease... look it up... (besides TB) it's what the legends of vamperism are based on. It is a severe Iron deficiency that leaves the poor subject craving things like blood... raw meat (and I mean bloody raw), as well as a mild to severe allergy to sunlight, pale skin, eyes and hair... oh and it makes the person suffering tend to have more promenent canines... it is a terrible genetic disorder. Now do I think this guy has it... maybe... maybe not... he obviously has some severe mental issues... but then wouldn't you if you craved blood? Seriously.. you mocking the poor man is not helping... whether he has the genetic disease or is just mentally disturbed you talking about how creepy he is and how it must be awkward city for his wife is insensitive..grow up!

Speaking as a sufferer of Porphyria (thank God a mild form of it) I take offense to this whole article... you have no idea what it's like. And I think it's completely asanine to blame it on pop culture... too many of the world's problems now adays are blamed on movies, tv shows, video games ect... when in reality we need to take responsiblity for our own actions and stop trying to blame our problems on violence (or in this case unrealistic fiction) on TV.

nonmember avatar Turkish Cowboy

In 1453, a team of special ops called Janissar's were dispatched to Transylvania, Romania to take out Vlad Tepes III aka Dracula aka Vlad THE Impaler. SOB, following in my ancestors footsteps, bring me my armor, I have a vampire to slay!

nonmember avatar nodrac

Think of it like this: every month, from his own wife,free of charge and with no violence, this guy gets a seven day supply.

nonmember avatar Darein

So obviously you have never done any research or even bothered to look up one shred of anything before you sat down to write this and just figured, 'I'm a journalist, durr durr, imma write an article.' Your complete lack of any research or basis for any crediblility on this stroy are the true horror story. I myself went through a phase where I consumed blood and you can snark on me all you want but I did not believe I was an immortal evil or had magical powers. I just liked the taste of blood and the fact is there are a great many people out there who have romanticized the vampire because in the past the vampire was always a symbol of freedom from the moral cage of humanity. Sexual freedom, freedom from the rules that bind humanity to the ground and that is what draws people to it, not a bunch of whiny little yuppy Twitards like your trying to infer in your stunningly horrid article. As stated above by another reader Darkmoons, there are genetic conditions that cause some people to crave blood due to a lack of iron in the hemoglobin in their red blood cells, some people have such a severe case that if they do not recieve daily doses of high iron suppliments they start to develop lesions on their skin and suffer from intense pain. So frankly you need to go back and do your homework before you write one more article and infect the world with your idiocy.

nonmember avatar geekymum22

Yes the writer must be a complete idiot! Or MAYBE a few people are in a bitchy mood and just a liiiitle too defensive when it comes to their little vampire shows/books. You know what, I have a severe case of iron deficiency anemia. I have to get blood transfusions, iron by IV, and take profferin everyday. I've had this for maybe five years and its not pleasant.My body always hurts, I'm always tired weak and dizzy. My iron levels recently been as low as a 2 and this week its at 4. Yet I think that even if I ever did crave blood I wouldn't go around STABBING people and shit. Because I'm not a psycho! Btw how do you even know this POS is anemic? And btw even if you do crave blood you don't have to actually drink it :/ I crave powdered laundry detergent but I don't actually eat it. This guy is obviously fucked in the head and the writers probably right about it having to do with all the vampire crap everywhere right now. How sick.

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