Toddler Killed After Mistaking Gun for Toy ... Because It Was Pink! (PHOTOS)

pink gunA 3-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed last week when he started playing with a pink handgun he thought was a toy. As of now, investigators have ruled that the boy and his 7-year-old sister were playing with the weapon when the horrific incident took place. His grandparents were sitting in the living room when this happened, while the kids were in a bedroom.

There seems to have been a boom in "designer" handguns recently. In fact, just the other day, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of a jewel-encrusted gun to her Instagram (it's since been taken down). Whatever your thoughts are on guns are, fact is, they're not toys. They're weapons. And they kill people. Bejeweling or blinging them out like they're a cellphone case kind of takes the focus off of what their purpose is, and makes them seem "fun," "girly," or worst case scenario -- like a toy.

Don't believe me? Here are 7 "pretty guns" that are pretty inappropriate.


Image via Bud's Gun Shop

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Valerie Metzger

On the other hand, if it was unloaded and locked up like ALL guns should be when there are kids around, it wouldn't matter what it looked like.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

...hold on... You mean... Are you saying innocent babies are being killed because they have access to guns??

I thought MORE guns was the answer??.. Quick.. get to the nearest Walmart and get your sparkly blue bejeweled pistol!! It will keep you safe!!

Agent_P Agent_P

While I agree with your statement that blinging out your gun trivializes the gravity of what they are intended for, I do not agree that this is why the child was killed.  The grandparents should have had the gun in a gun safe or other suitable location where the children would not be able to access it.  This accident is entirely the fault of poor supervision and irresponsible gun owners not the color of the gun.  It's a horrific travesty that could have been avoided. 

ethan... ethans_momma06

Know what's inappropriate?

That a 3 year old had access to a loaded gun.

Gun safety is important. It's important to teach it, live it, and be responsible for it. Even if the gun wasnt blinged out- still could have happened. Even pretty guns can be taken care of responsibly where they are not a threat to a roaming 3 year old.

We need to advocate for more gun responsibility. We need to put the training out there, we need to create awarness.

Taisie Taisie

I agree with Valerie, why are these guns any less appropriate than a camouflage gun? I'd love one of these, and I'd keep mine locked up appropriately. why is it that any time anyone gets killed with a gun, it is NEVER the gun owner/operators fault, but always the GUNS fault? Now it is the color/design/bling of the gun? Ridiculous!

three... threeforme157

Totally the gun owners fault.  My dad has guns that are locked in his safe but every time the kids and I go over there I ask him is the guns are locked away in the safe.  I always know what the answer is but as a parent I feel like I need to make sure.

Marcella Shambles

Who ever left the gun where a child could get it is to blame - hopefully they will be charged with a felony  as they are obviously not responsible enough to own a gun, even a pretty one.

handy... handy0318

Criminal negligence on the part of the gun owner for not keeping it in a safe place.

Amand... Amanda0712

I have this same gun. (The Taurus). Yes, I liked it because it was pink. But I also know it is not a toy. It is kept locked up when it is not in my possession. The look of the gun had nothing to do with this. The fact that it was within his reach was the problem.

Stama... Stamatina79

Oh geez. Here come the ignorant arguments for gun control!

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