Season 4 Preview of 'Teen Mom 2' Shows We’ll Be Cringing Until the Series Finale (VIDEO)

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Teen Mom 2Teen Mom 2 has never been a show with much subtlety. Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Calvert (Messer) have always brought the drama and the outward craziness to MTV. But now, it's starting to get out of control.

It's getting SO out of control, in fact, that there are rumors of MTV pulling the plug. The new season comes back on February 18, just two weeks after season 3 ended. If that weren't fishy enough, it seems the girls are starting to really lose it. 

The show started with an amazing, admirable goal. They aimed to stop teen pregnancy by taking a real look at it. They succeeded in meeting that goal, so kudos to them. But somewhere along the way, the original message ... got lost. 

The show became about the girls and how messed up they are. Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood became household names and all the tabloids wanted to know what they were doing.

Unlike Jessica Simpson or other tabloid-stalked celebs, these are real girls without the Hollywood money and connections, and their low-life friends are along for that ride.

That means Kiefer and Andrew and any loser associate of Jenelle's can make a few bucks by selling a story and by manipulating the unstable and clearly difficult woman into making a fool of herself. It's exploitation and MTV knows it.

At a certain point, the network is doing more harm than good by continuing the show. From the looks of season 4, that time might be now ...

In the past MTV has stepped in when there have been true dangers on their shows. Does anyone remember Ruthie on Real World: Hawaii? That time may be near here ... see below.

What do you think of the season 4 promo?


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proud... proudmomma6804

Before anything else how awesome is it that the daughter they (Leah and Corey) were so worried about is walking and talking?! But I think its way beyond time for shows like this to be over. Like you said its not about trying to prevent teen pregnancy anymore...its about drama just like every other reality show out there. Hopefully they really do pull the plug and don't air anymore seasons

golden62 golden62

This is better then stopping the show. Why keep the 1's who keep making drama. Let them go n keep the others. This is done all the time. We can read about Jenelle. She is a waste to the show. She needs to be in jail n leave her there. As for amber well she in jail n have not heard anything on her. I hope she is better. I think you should keep the show. Minus the drama.

Lauren Black

Teen mom 2 is amazing'll should pull the plug just because of drama. In fact look back at Teen Mom they all had drama and ya'll didn't pull the plug on it. Yes, it should you about how bad it is to have a child at the age of 16 yes i understand that but it shoe teenager what they will have to put up with if they do have a child at the age of 16. Yes taking care of a child is hard when your a teen and just wanna be a teen and do what other teen do but you gotta look there alway going to be drama with your child and the person you had they child with and you trying to move on and have a realtionship with someone else when you had a child truth me i know my friend had her child last mouth at the age of 15 yes they aren't show the message about prevent teen preganca. But there doing a good job on showing teen how it like and what it will be like when you have a child. Just because there drama that doesn't mean you should pull the plug on the show. Like I said there was drama and all that in Teen Mom and everything and they never pulled the plug on it.

IzzyPurr IzzyPurr

I love the girls but honestly think the show needs to be pulled. Not just Teen Mom 2 but ALL the shows. 16&pregnant, I'm sorry but once your on 16&pregnant, you pretty muuch sell your soul in a way to make money. And if you decide to close the contract, you know ppl are still gonna post about you and folloow your every move. Point being, the money isn't worth it, MTV is just using these girls to make money, and the series needs to be pulled. I like seeing these girls and what goes on in they're lives, but the drama is not worth it. It's just NOT. MTV needs to step the fluck up and deal with this or get lost.

Kristen Murphy

Next season looks great. they need the drama and MTV says that the show was suppose to be different well everything that happens on the show is an everyday deal for most people in there place and just to see all the problems there going threw should make people not want to have kids but the fact is teens will never stop having baby's so young

nonmember avatar Monica

Ummm... Just a correction. It's not season 4, It's the second half of season 3. That's why we're not waiting months to see it :)

Nathan Deshner

If it wasnt for the money then they wouldnt be on the show and acting the way they do.its all for attention.

Nathan Deshner

It wouldnt suprise me if the show ended for good.They alk about teen pregnancy and there still getting pregnant.They must have alot money to spend.

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