Florida Logo Is Definitely Sexist but That's Not the Worst Part

Florida LogoPeople are up in arms about a new logo unveiled by the state Florida. It's designed to promote economic development, but many think it promotes sexism instead.

And honestly, it does. Designed by Enterprise Florida, it reads: "Florida: the Perfect Climate for Business." Which is fine, but instead an "i" they used a tie. You know the kind MEN wear with their suits.

I tend to be pretty slow to jump on the political correctness outrage bandwagon unless something is pretty blatant. In many cases I think people are overreacting and read too much into things. But a tie? How many women do you know that wear a tie? Can you imagine them ever inserting a tube of lipstick or a high-heeled shoe for the "i" instead in something like this? 

According to Fox2, a spokesman for Enterprise Florida said the logo was reviewed by two boards, one of which included 25 women who serve as chief marketing officers. I'm shocked none  objected.  Now, I don't think it was designed intentionally because they don't want women in business, but I think it was a huge error in judgment. Because the last thing you want to do with an ad to get people to feel good about bringing to your state is to piss them off.

I asked my husband if he thinks it's sexist, and he said not at all. When I told him that I thought it was and why, he said, "You're completely overreacting." Maybe so, but I still think they could have come up with something more gender neutral.

Worse than any sexism, however,  it's just a bad logo. I know very few men who even wear ties these days so it makes it seem outdated, and the whole thing is just dull.  It's not all that attractive, and it really wouldn't make me look twice. For the reported $380,000 that thing cost, ($380,00!!!) you would think they'd get something better than that. Sounds like bad business all together.

Do you think this advertisement is sexist?


Image via Enterprise Florida

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tuffy... tuffymama

Dear lord, woman. A tie is a universal sign for business attire. Lipstick or a high heeled pump would look like an ad for prostitution. LOL. Get over it.

mommy... mommyof5cutties

In all honesty I'm not offended by the logo one bit and I'm a woman... people are too bored now a days and pick apart so much. I think the tie thing is cute a witty.

manda... mandaschelle

I'm a female Florida resident and I do NOT find the advertisement offensive. What I do find offensive is the obscene amount of money spent on it.

Flori... Floridamom96

Wow! Does your feminist pettiness know no bounds? This kind of crap makes women look like whiny brats. Get a grip.

lulou lulou

I find it very outdated.  Which includes the sexism in business part.  And it almost reminds me of when you book a hotel room in Florida and it looks nice online, then you get there and its all moldy and rickety.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Huh. I work with guys who wear ties every single day. I don't see it as sexist; I, too, see the "business" image they're trying to project. Floridamom is right, a lipstick or high heel would portray prostitution. Not sexist, just true. You want to be pissed off at something, bet pissed off about that.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

You are definitely overreacting. You know, when you whine about petty stuff, it makes it harder for people to take REAL issues regarding the treatment of women seriously.

youth... youthfulsoul

Much ado about nothing

lulou lulou

mandaschelle - this should help you feel better about the $380,000!

"As a public-private organization, EFI receives financial support from the State of Florida"

nonmember avatar guest

I find it sexist!! I mean really, couldn't they have incorporated a computer plug in there, or perhaps a fancy ball point pen instead of a tie - at least try to give it universal appeal? I, for one, have NEVER worn a tie to any of my business meetings, presentations, or formal lunches. I mean really, just an attempt at a gender neutral object - even a briefcase - would have been a better try. And furthermore a tie doesn't have any literal function in business either, it's just a piece of clothing. So really it doesn't even make sense as an illustration for business, but markets more explicitly to garner the interest of "men who wear ties", which indirectly implies "powerful men" which essentially ignores business women...

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