Chris Rock Says Obama Is America’s 'Dad' But He Couldn't Be More Wrong

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Comedian and frequent Obama supporter Chris Rock showed up on Capitol Hill Wednesday to champion the president’s gun control agenda. It’s unclear whether or not President Obama supports the second amendment, or thinks guns should be banned (to some extent at least), but Rock apparently thinks it’s our job to listen to the daddy-in-chief.

During this morning’s press conference, Chris Rock said:

I am just here to support the President of the United States. President of the United States is our boss, but he is also... you know, the President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country. And when your Dad says something you listen, and when you don't it will usually bite you on the ass later on. So, I’m here to support the President.

Well ok then. Apparently Chris missed the day in school when they taught about the executive branch of the government. The president is not the boss, the American people are. We’re the ones that hired him, by voting for him. It’s not often people go around hiring their own bosses.

The whole system was set up to defend against a boss-like rulership, otherwise known as a monarchy. George Washington refused the title of King, because he knew that that method of government did not allow for the ultimate freedom of individual citizens.

As for the ‘dad’ comment? Pfffft. I’m sorry, I thought I was an adult, responsible for my own decision-making, and not a child to be managed or controlled. Yes, the office of the presidency should be respected, but that doesn’t translate into imbecilic obedience. Parents make rules for their children because they know what’s best for them, and are still developing tools and skills to figure out their own minds on things. Eventually we all grow up (well, some of us do), just because the president says something, doesn’t mean we need to go along with it.

That’s why we have those other two branches of government. The president can not decree something and make it so -- he has to get it passed in a laborious process through two houses of congress. Even if the thing passes, the people can still challenge it in the court system. I believe these are called checks and balances, Mr. Rock.

If celebrities are going to get involved in politics, they should at least know what the heck they’re talking about.

How do you view the president’s role in our government?

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

So did he fully support Bush and his wife- 'cause they were kinda like America's mom and dad too... or, does just pick and choose which mom and dad you listen to when it suits his beliefs?

As for listening to celebs for political advice, they are driven by money and power- why would I care what they think? They don't live in my world. They just entertain me by playing various roles on tv or sing songs I like- I don't usually credit them more than that. Overpaid and WAY to over-opinionated about themselves.

wamom223 wamom223

Can we get a time machine and go back to like 2003 and show this tape to Chris Rock and then ask him if he feels like George W. Bush is like his dad.  This was offensive and he just keeps making it easier and easier for us not to support his career as we have in the past.  I grew up watching Chris Rock on SNL and have supported all of his films even the flops and that is over now.  The President is not my boss, he works for me, and I  am saddened that Chris Rock would try to perpetuate this propaganda.  Comments like this from his supporters are exactly why people feel Obama wants to turn us into a socialist country.  I may have voted for Romney but had he won I would never have felt he was my boss and they had to go along with anything he said just because he is the President or because I voted for him.  

nonmember avatar H

He is a comedian. Holy cow people. Move on to more important topics.

Flori... Floridamom96

The president of the United States is NOT our boss. He is our employee.

bills... billsfan1104

Well the way the Obama's act, no wonder Chris Rock feels this way.

sand008 sand008

And that's why he's a comedian, because nothing he says can be taken serious. Dumb *ss

tuffy... tuffymama

POTUS is only "the boss" to pathetic donks who can't lead themselves. SMH. To the rest of us, he is our employee. And he needs to be fired.

Cherie A. Daniel

Ouch, Jenny. Love Chris Rock and POTUS. What's your problem?????

Cherie A. Daniel

Just read she's "conservative."  Figures.  Wind bag!

Cel7777 Cel7777

I'm not conserative (or liberal either, for that matter), but that was a dumb remark. It makes him sound uneducated and kind of..sheep-like. Since I didn't hear the context in which it was made, I'm going to hope it was simply meant to be funny.

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