Kidnapped Brothers Found But Why Is Their Accused Kidnapper Still Free?

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Rey Bonilla Darren BonillaGood news alert! The kidnapped brothers reported missing in North Miami this week have been found! Little Darren Bonilla, 5, and Rey Bonilla, 3, are back home with their mom, safe and sound. As for the woman who allegedly took them? She's been found too. Cops talked to her. Then they released her.

OK, so maybe not all the news is good.

Cops in North Miami say Jennifer Krasner (who goes by the name Gloria) showed up at Charmen Bonilla's home Monday morning and told a babysitter that she was supposed to take the boys. It started off a massive manhunt for Krasner and the kids, which ended Tuesday. That's when cops say they found the children in a car with "Gloria" -- a full day after the boys had disappeared.

Rey and Darren were described as well-cared for by their mom, who, by the way, doesn't seem all that interested in pressing charges. She told a TV station:

I don't like to do harm to anybody. My kids are back safe in one piece and that's all I'm grateful for.

Fair enough, but after a manhunt that cost the city's cops serious time and resources, what mom thinks doesn't matter -- or, at least, it shouldn't.

In cases like this where the ending is happy, we can rejoice in seeing the kidnapped kids safe and sound, but we still need to consider what the search entailed. How many other crimes happened because cops were (justifiably, I should add) finding two kids instead of patrolling the streets? How much taxpayer money was spent on the search that could be allocated elsewhere?

Although Krasner was released with no charges, the investigation into the alleged kidnapping is still open. Let's hope this means that some sort of punishment is forthcoming, if only to send a message to would-be criminals that a happy ending does not make up for the high costs of their antics.

Should there be a punishment in this case? What should it be?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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I sure as hell don't get this! So mom is good with letting this woman go,but isn't this a fed. offense,and they say ye or nay if someone should be arrested?

twili... twilightsbella

I dnt understand why the cops let her go and the mother wnt press charges. If it was my children i would want the person in jail and would fight to make sure that happens. I dnt understand how stupid some people can be

LostS... LostSoul88

Charges need to be pressed or she will go and kidnap another child(ren)!! That kidnapping would be ont the states ass.

CPN322 CPN322

Did they let her go because the mother wouldn't press charges?

Panda... PandaPop83

In this case, looks like it's up to the city. I, personally, would like to send that lady to hell if those were my kids.

MomOf... MomOf2AndAZoo

WHAT?!?! If I were that mother, the cops would have to worry about ME letting the bitch go!! I'm all for kindness to others, but mess with my kids & my good graces go out the window!!

Amanda Woods

I would sure as hell want that bitch in jail if she did that tomy kids!!! I can't believe the mother and/or cops would let a kidnapper go free. I think there is more going on than meets the eye. If it were up to me, I would send that woman to jail for life!!

Candy... CandyBram

The main thing is the kids are home safe.  As for charges being a deterrent to potential kidnappers, I doubt it would cause them to even think twice.  There are thousands of criminals locked up in our prisons and yet crime continues to occur every day.  Courts can only punish the ones found guilty and wait for the next case to come along.  It's not pretty, but it's the way things are.

nonmember avatar JennK

I live in S. Florida and when I first heard the story it sound strange. What babysitter hands over kids to someone they never met? If the mother didnt tell you that someone was coming to pick up the kids they should not have went. Also, you should show some I.D. or have a secret code word that only the parent know, the babysitter, and whoever is pickup the child. Now she doesn't want to press charges. They need to investigate the kidnapper, babysitter, and mom. Those are children lives at stake. I'm happy they're safe, but something seems odd about the whole story.

crzymmy5 crzymmy5

I'm wondering if there isn't quite a bit more to this story than is being shared in the press? 

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